Would you like to be part of an NHS data exchange system?


MORE than 1 million GP patients in Black Country and West Birmingham have just over two months to step out of a controversial data exchange system after the launch date was postponed.

A new scheme that would allow an NHS system to extract patient data from primary care practices in England was due to start in July but has been postponed to September due to privacy concerns.

NHS Digital figures show that as of June 1, there were 1,493,091 patients on GP registries in the NHS Black Country and West Birmingham CCG.

You now have until August 31st to refuse to disclose your personal data.

The GP Data for Planning and Research program would add the medical histories of 61 million patients across England to a new database.

The launch was postponed to September 1 after data protection officers and doctors complained that people didn’t have enough time to understand what was happening.

Simon Bolton, CEO of NHS Digital, said, “We take our responsibility to protect the information we hold about us incredibly seriously.

“We intend to use the next two months to speak to patients, doctors, health organizations and others to further strengthen the plan.”

The program collects information about people’s treatments, referrals, and appointments over the past 10 years, along with other data from medical records in GPs’ systems.

Information is accessed by organizations “who are lawfully using the data for health planning and research purposes” and all requests are subject to independent oversight and review.

It added that patients can opt out of sharing their data at any time, although this will not be applied retrospectively.

Anyone wishing to completely opt out of GPDPR should do so before September 1st.

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