Why the Thor is the Clan Jade Falcon’s favorite mech


In MechWarrior, the Thor / Summoner is a common mech for Clan Jade Falcons, but what can it do? Does it bring thunder and lightning?

The Mech Warrior The PC gaming universe is packed with an incredible range of giant stompy robots known as BattleMechs, or Mechs for short. These powerful humanoid machines weigh between 20 and 100 tons and can perform a wide variety of combat roles. Some of the most popular mechs are flexible generalists. The Thor, also known as the Summoner, is a notable example.

The armies of the Inner Sphere have developed many effective BattleMechs over the centuries, from Marauders to Warhammer and Catapult. Then the Clans 3050 invaded, showing many horrific, never-before-seen ‘Mechs in their armies. The Lyran Commonwealth military quickly learned to respect the Thor in particular, but what can they do?

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How Clan Jade Falcon designed the Thor / Summoner

Overall, the clans are masters of BattleMech technology and engineering. Deep in the Periphery, they escaped the infernal carnage of the Four Succession Wars and continued to develop new ‘Mechs and weapon systems to gain a serious technological edge over their distant Inner Sphere ancestors. In the 2850s, Clan Coyote developed OmniMech technology, which means that a mech can have a modular pod space where weapons and equipment can be turned on and off quickly and easily.

This was a major breakthrough, and other clans fought ritual trials to obtain this stunning new technology for themselves. In the 2860s, the vicious Clan Jade Falcon received the technology and they started making their own OmniMechs. At that time, they thought back to the classic Thunderbolt ‘Mech, a heavy-duty BattleMech with a shoulder-mounted LRM launcher, and decided to make a bigger, better version of it. This is how Thor was born (the clans call him the Summoner).

The Thor was an instant success and proved itself time and again in ritual battles in the armies of the Clan Jade Falcon. This’ Mech remained on the front lines for many years, during the Clan Invasion and beyond, until the Thor II finally replaced it in the Dark Age. Thor’s unusually long tenure in the Jade Falcon army is testament to his effectiveness, and it is easy to see why. This is a 70 ton OmniMech that can swap weapons or equipment at any time to suit the parameters of a mission. It’s also very mobile for its size and can run as fast as typical medium mechs. In addition, its jump jets allow it to fly straight over difficult terrain, either to ambush its enemies or to escape a dubious situation.

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When it comes to weapons, the Thor has basic but effective weapons, such as: B. an LRM 15 launcher on the left shoulder for remote assistance. Its left arm has an LB-10X autocannon for punishing its enemies with gunfire and group rounds, and that makes the Thor quite useful against enemy planes as well. After all, the Thor has an ER PPC in its right arm that hits incredibly hard and never runs out of ammo.

These three weapons allow the Thor to maintain constant fire without overheating. It can use its mobility to either approach the enemy in order to finish them off, or to keep the enemy at a great distance in order to deny them the use of their short-range weapons. In short, the Thor can easily dictate the conditions of combat and keep the pilot comfortable while wearing down the enemy. Many famous Jade Falcon field commanders have piloted Thor ‘Mechs, and it quickly became emblematic of the Clan in the eyes of the Clans and the armies of the Inner Sphere.

The Thor in the MechWarrior games

crazy cat mech warrior

The Thor made his first computer game appearance in the 1995 classic title MechWarrior 2: Battle of the 31st Century, a game whose two campaigns record the war of rejection between Clan Jade Falcon and its rival, the wily Clan Wolf. The player can choose from a handful of powerful OmniMechs in both campaigns. Halfway through, the player can use the Thor using its remarkable agility and long range firing power. It could later be dwarfed by the Marauder IIC or the Warhawk, but players looking to balance speed with firepower will choose the Thor.

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1999s Mech Warrior 3 also showed the Thor among a small handful of ‘Mechs that Clan Smoke Jaguar will use against the player. Due to the scavenger economy of this game, the player can destroy an enemy Thor to claim it as his own and then use whatever weapons he likes to make for the mech really their own. One Canon variant of the Thor in particular has a ferocious ultra-autocannon 20 ballistic weapon, and in this game such a weapon can easily knock a mech on the back and leave it helpless. If the player is not careful, a Thor carrying this weapon can work with them quickly.

This mech also appears in non-canon MechAssault Games that maintain their famous mobility while having a simplified version of their original weapons. Finally, that Thor is only available in multiplayer mode MechWarrior Onlineand can be customized at will. Players don’t use it often, however, and pass it on in favor of harder hitting mechs with more armor. Even so, the game wouldn’t be complete without this Jade Falcon classic in its list of mechs.

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