Weir Minerals and AVEVA join forces to offer secure access to the Synertrex IIoT hub


Posted by Daniel Gleeson on March 23, 2022

Weir Minerals has signed a digital business framework with industrial software provider AVEVA with the goal of using the AVEVA PI System™ as the data foundation for the OEM’s Synertrex® digital ecosystem.

Weir Minerals intends to use the AVEVA PI system to collect, contextualize and analyze data streams in the context of Synertrex, its advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

The objectives of the agreement include:

  • Digitally empowering the mining industry by simplifying data access and sharing through simple and secure on-premises or cloud integration between Weir Minerals and its customers;
  • Creation of the data basis for technologies such as artificial intelligence to optimize plants and processes and thus to maximize sustainable performance; and
  • Pioneering new and innovative digital solutions that support the digital transformation of our mutual customers and the adoption of intelligent solutions.

Using AVEVA PI together with AVEVA Data Hub, a cloud-native hub for aggregating and contextualizing on-premises and remote data, offers the mining industry a unique solution for securely connecting mining operators with Weir Minerals as the OEM, the company called.

The business model will offer a variety of flexible integration solutions – from on-premise to cloud – that will make it easier for miners to integrate with Weir Minerals’ Synertrex digital ecosystem. It uses a secure and simplified approach to access and share real-time and historical operational data, the company says.

These shared ecosystems will provide miners and Weir Minerals with complete data transparency and an easily accessible, real-time 360° view of all Synertrex-enabled equipment and processes. They will also be the basis for the advancement of digital twins and predictive algorithms that provide decision-makers with recommended actions and real-time decision support, said Weir Minerals. This results in reduced power and water consumption and longer equipment life.

Ole Knudsen, Director Digital at Weir Minerals, said, “The AVEVA PI system is an established industrial data management solution currently deployed by nine of the top ten Fortune 500 mining companies. The proven and secure PI system allows us to create a set of Asset Framework templates for our devices, making it a safe yet simple plug-and-play exercise to connect our devices to our customers’ digital ecosystems associate. This enables the crucial first steps of a structured and standardized data approach.

“With Weir Minerals’ new AVEVA Data Hub and Synertrex solutions, we are in a unique position as an OEM to offer our customers a truly breakthrough approach to a flexible data sharing strategy. This will be the foundation of our data and intelligence driven digital optimization solutions; In doing so, Weir Minerals will transform mining and enable more sustainable mining operations.”

Rónán de Hooge, Executive Vice President of Information Management at AVEVA, added: “We are very excited to partner with Weir Minerals to provide mining operators with intelligent analytics to drive industrial transformation. AVEVA’s ability to collect real-time performance data from any location and deliver it securely to the Synertrex platform will give operators new insights into the health of their assets, helping them to optimize maintenance and avoid costly downtime.

“AVEVA is fully committed to providing industrial companies with an open platform that is their trusted system of record for industrial data. Our products help companies collect different types of critical industrial data across their distributed environments, enrich it with contextual information, and make it easily accessible to the people, applications, and tools that drive transformation and sustainability.”


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