VMware Partners with German Universities to Automate Life; VMware’s road to 6G


BARCELONA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2022 — VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a leading innovator in enterprise software, today unveiled its vision for automation of life. The vision is underpinned by the fusion of cloud, network and AI technologies and a belief system based on justice, sustainability and trust. In order to embark on a successful path to 6G, the development of these underlying technologies must be consistent with the evolutionary cycle of human behavior, society and technology as they interact to form an evolutionary continuum.

“This evolutionary continuum—the way people change, technology advances, and society responds to it—is VMware’s goal to shape its journey to 6G—by advancing technologies that are focused on human needs, e.g . For example, improving and saving lives, but more importantly, empowering people to thrive in and with technology the way people want – not the way technology dictates,” said Kaniz Mahdi, Vice President of Distributed Edge , VMware. “We are pleased to support Professor Fitzek and Professor Falko in their mission to shape the future of wireless communication with human-centric technologies.”

Under the direction of Professor Frank Fitzek at the TU Dresden, the Center for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop (CeTI) and the 6G-Life Hub are working on enabling people to communicate with cyber-physical systems in the physical or digital world via intelligent communication networks (5G and beyond). Enabling this type of interaction encourages equal access to remote environments for people of different genders, ages, cultural backgrounds, or physical disabilities. It also has the potential to democratize access to skills and expertise and its cutting-edge research for sustainability, security, resilience and latency.

“We are very pleased to be working with VMware to advance the research and innovations that play a significant role on the path to 6G,” said Frank Fitzek, Professor and Head of the Chair of Communication Networks at Deutsche Telekom at TU Dresden. “We launched 6G-Life to provide new approaches to sustainability, security, resiliency and latency. This collaboration will help us advance our leading work in specific areas such as the Tactile Internet in the CeTI Cluster of Excellence, 5G communication networks, quantum communication and artificial intelligence methods.”

As the merging of cloud, network and AI plays a central role for 6G, novel concepts for distributed systems, data management and computing are essential. With its proven track record and expertise, the Telecommunication Networks group at the TU Berlin under Professor Falko Dressler is developing novel solutions for future virtual edge computing, machine learning and networking as well as distributed data management in the age of 6G.

“We are pleased about the cooperation with VMware”, says Falko Dressler, Professor and Chair for Telecommunication Networks at the TU Berlin. “Virtualization at multiple layers of a mobile edge system introduces flexibility at the cost of added complexity. ML helps overcome this complexity resulting from extreme virtualization on a core-to-edge-to-end device continuum and opens new frontiers for cutting-edge research paving the way to 6G.”

International research ecosystem for the automation of life

These academic grants will facilitate research and discovery of Automating Life in collaboration with the Digital Equity Grid Innovation (TETRA) initiative launched by VMware in partnership with IEEE FNI and Mitacs in Canada as VMware continues to grow its research and innovation portfolio with similar grants and partnerships around the world.

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