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From its new home near East 18th Street and South Boston Avenue, Radio IDL brings the blues to the world. Internet radio station created by Shannon Moudy – aka Poppa Night – in 2013 has weathered a tough few years to emerge with a clearer sense of purpose and a look to the future.

“Our mission is to preserve, educate and nurture,” he says eLiz Hollisthe station’s CEO.

Hollis and Moudy have plans to expand the station’s programming into a wider range of genres and eventually start a parallel non-profit organization. Radio IDL’s partners are caretakers for Tulsan Kerry Kudlacek and its extensive blues collection – countless CDs, records, releases and sheet music amassed over 60 years (see sidebar).

Hollis and Moudy helped the blues scholar and his impressive archive recover from a devastating house fire in 2019.

“My goal is that eventually we’ll have a museum, but more of a listening and educational center for musicians and fans, a place where you can stay for a week and just study that music,” says Hollis.

Hollis would tell you that the fact that she is making plans and looking forward to the future is a miracle. Moudy was diagnosed with cancer in January 2021. Since then, the couple has navigated their treatment and a number of related health challenges while trying to keep their business afloat during a pandemic. It’s been a tremendous challenge, but according to Hollis, there’s a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

“Two months ago they told us to fix his things,” Hollis recalls. “But recently they did a CAT scan, blood tests and a DNA test and there is no cancer marker in any of them. It’s a god thing and a doctor thing.”

As Moudy began to recover, Radio IDL moved its broadcast headquarters from its temporary pandemic base at Moudy’s home to the new “SoBo” location on S. Boston Ave. 1918, a stone’s throw from the Mercury Lounge.

“We’re kind of slow and we’re winning the race, but I can’t do it without him,” Hollis says of her life and business partner. “It’s such a joy for him to live and still want to keep working.”

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