Top 11 regression testing tools


Regression testing is a process of testing the software and analyzing whether code changes, updates, or improvements to the application have not affected the existing functionality of the software.

What are the factors in choosing the right tools?

There are a few factors that you should consider in order to make a tool a good choice for regression testing. Some of these factors are mentioned below:

  • You can easily create test cases.
  • A test case is easy to maintain.
  • Complex test cases can be automated.
  • Finding a loophole that exists during the request cycle.
  • Depending on the type of your application, the tool supports test case execution.
  • The structure for test cases and test suites is easy to understand and maintain.
  • The tool must either support integration with good reporting tools or it should have its own mechanism.
  • The tool supports the execution of test cases on supported devices.
  • The tool should integrate seamlessly into the CI / CD pipeline for QA.

There are many popular tools out there to help the tester run the tests quickly and save a lot of time. It would be a challenge to develop the best tools, but let’s discuss some of the most important tools used by QA specialists for regression testing.

1. Selenium

  • It is one of the most powerful regression tools that fits the common regression tests perfectly.
  • Highly flexible and supports numerous programming languages
  • It is compatible with many browsers and operating systems
  • Many major browser providers consider selenium to be the native part of the browser.

2. IBM Rational Functional Tester

  • It is a commercial tool that is often referred to as the best automated regression testing tool out there.
  • It supports various apps including web-based and terminal emulation-based.
  • With the IBM rational Functional Tool, users can easily create different types of scenarios.

3. Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

  • UTF is formerly known as Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • It helps you record the user actions and convert them into scripts with the popular activity recording feature
  • UFT is a data-driven tool that uses the VBScript language developed by Microsoft for automation
  • It works on any web browser and is a great choice for testing different applications and environments

4. Sahi Pro

  • It is used to test large web applications, especially in demanding deadline projects that require minimal maintenance.
  • It offers operating system support and easy integration with the build system, standard logging and data-driven suits.
  • The most important feature of SAHI PRO is its flexibility.

5. Watira

  • It is an open source web application regression testing tool.
  • Watir mainly uses the Ruby programming language and supports various apps developed in different technologies.
  • It’s light and very easy to use
  • Watir provides cross-platform operating system support, has a standard test recorder and also allows tests to be written that are easy to maintain
  • Watir is used by many large companies such as Facebook and Oracle.

6. Test completed

  • TestComplete is suitable for running parallel regression tests.
  • It helps in creating automated regression tests for web, desktop and mobile applications.
  • These tests are unbreakable and stable under the GUI modifications
  • Highlights include the test visualizer, custom extension, and test recording

7. Silk test

  • It is a popular regression testing tool that supports desktop, mobile device, rick client, web, etc.
  • It is possible to run tests in parallel, which shortens the test time and offers quick feedback.
  • SilkTest is mainly used to make the most complex test plan look clear and tidy.

8. TimeShiftX

  • TimeShiftX works with virtual time and therefore changes to the system clock are required. It helps to shift the dates and force the time to run temporary or date simulating tests.
  • You can use this tool to test databases and applications on all platforms and operating systems.
  • TimeShiftX is easily customizable and does not require any code changes or reboot of the environment.

9. Test drive

  • TestDrive is a fast regression test solution that is dynamic and flexible.
  • Unlike most automated regression tools, it supports manual testing.
  • TestDrive supports multiple technologies, application types and interfaces at the same time.
  • It is beneficial for testing browser apps and GUIs between different visual regression test tools.

10. Ranorex Studio

  • Ranorex is the ultimate test automation solution that is great for working with desktops, web and mobile apps.
  • It’s perfect for any business regardless of its size.
  • It includes codeless integration with multiple tools such as Jira and TestRail as well as data and keyword driven testing.

11. Topic7

  • Subject7 is a cloud-based no-code platform that supports automated regression testing of any mobile or web application.
  • It supports upscaled parallel execution and is available for use in the secure public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid deployments.
  • Subject7 offers you expandable functions for related test automation.

That being said, there are many regression testing tools out there. You have to be careful in choosing the right tool based on your needs.

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