These are the 10 richest people in Illinois, according to a new report


If you want billionaires, you don’t have to search outside of Illinois to find a bunch of them. 24/7 Wall Street says Illinois is home to 22 billionaires, including 11 in Chicago and 2 in Highland Park.

The total wealth of the Chicago billionaires is only about $ 50 billion, while the Highland Park billionaires are about $ 4.5 billion.

An Illinois man’s wealth ranks above all others, including the current governor

Holding the title of Illinois Richest Man would be Ken Griffin, Founder of Citadel, a hedge fund management group that, according to Forbes, manages approximately $ 35 billion in assets. Griffin’s personal wealth is estimated at over $ 16 billion. He has also donated well over a billion dollars to charity.

Ken Griffin, Getty Images

Four of Illinois’ 22 billionaires share the same last name

That probably takes every 3 seconds to figure it out. Have you guessed the name “Pritzker”? You are absolutely right. If you thought Governor Pritzker was the richest man in Illinois and you were surprised it wasn’t, you might also be surprised that the governor isn’t even the richest man in his own family. This honor goes to Thomas Pritzker, Cousin of the governor and chairman of the hotel giant Hyatt. Its value is estimated at $ 4.5 billion.

Thomas Pritzker, Getty Images

Here are the wealthiest people of Illinois, along with their valued worth

Forbes’ net worth determination experts did some research, and here are the names and numbers for the mega-rich of Illinois:

  1. Ken Griffin ($ 16 billion)
  2. Neil Bluhm ($ 5.7 billion)
  3. Sam Zell ($ 5.3 billion)
  4. Joe Mansueto ($ 5.2 billion)
  5. Mark Walter ($ 4.7 billion)
  6. Thomas Pritzker ($ 4.5 billion)
  7. Eric Lefkofsky ($ 4.3 billion)
  8. Ty Warner ($ 3.6 billion)
  9. JB Pritzker ($ 3.5 billion)
  10. Patrick Ryan ($ 3.5 billion)

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