The untold truth of the young Avengers


Kate Bishop grew up admiring her rich, powerful father until she saw him beat someone up. Her new idol Hawkeye became disillusioned because he was a valuable member of the Avengers, even though he had no powers. This started when he helped save her from being held hostage by the villain El Matador. When she was older, she was sexually abused. Their response was to start exercising to defend yourself, learn martial arts, archery, and sword fighting.

When terrorists attacked her sister’s wedding, the Young Avengers tried to rescue the hostages. However, it was Kate (with one of Patriots throwing stars) who saved the day. She and Cassie Lang later went to the Avengers Mansion, where Kang the Conqueror had appeared to allow his younger self, Iron Lad, to return to the future.

Kate proved that her greatest power was her incredible chutzpah. She stole a range of equipment for combat – including a Hawkeye bow and arrow, mockingbird’s fighting staves, and the swordsman’s sword. She was instantly nicknamed “Hawkingbird,” a name she hated. After Captain America tried to close the group, she went in his face and said that if the Avengers had trained her properly, Patriot would not have been injured in combat. Cap’s answer was to give her a set of bows and arrows addressed to Hawkeye. She later teamed up with the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, when he returned from the dead.


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