Swiss House celebrates three decades of serving US customers


Editorial staff,

September 28, 2021

WHVP, based in Zurich, can look back on 30 years of experience in serving US customers. This division has had tumultuous times and at times US expats have struggled to gain access to foreign finance and fund management services.

The Swiss WHVP celebrates its 30th anniversary as an independent asset manager focusing on serving US expats and US citizens looking for Swiss asset management solutions. This is a market that has become a larger niche segment in recent years.

The Zurich company was founded in October 1991 by Robert Vrijhof and two partners. The second generation has been running the family business since the end of 2020. A total of five employees work in the company.

The job of serving US expats is difficult because, unlike most nations, US tax is global rather than territorial. Since FATCA legislation was passed in 2010, it has been difficult for U.S. citizens and overseas green card holders to access overseas financial and fund management services. However, a cluster of firms operating in Switzerland, the UK and other selected jurisdictions have established themselves in this area. They realize that many US expats are high net worth customers. Firms providing financial services to US expats include London & Capital, Maseco, and Schroders. AW Switzerland, a network that connects clients with Swiss-based companies advising US clients, has a large number of companies on its lists that are active in this area.

The company has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2011. To become a customer, employees must have a minimum balance of $ 250,000.

“WHVP has seen extraordinary growth since successfully implementing the succession plan. In the future, our focus will continue to be on providing accessible Swiss asset management for US-affiliated persons, ”said Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, managing partner of WHVP. “In addition, we continue to work strategically with Swiss asset managers who are looking for a rule-compliant solution for their US clients that goes beyond the limits of the Dodd-Frank Act.”


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