Samsung Foundry certifies Synopsys PrimeLib for 5nm, 4nm and 3nm process nodes


BERGBLICK, Caliph., September 22, 2021 – Synopsys, Inc. announced today that Samsung Foundry has certified the Synopsys PrimeLib unified library characterization and validation solution for 5-nanometer (nm), 4-nm, and 3-nm process technologies to meet advanced computing needs for next-generation designs that include high-performance computing (HPC), 5G, automotive, hyperconnectivity, and aerospace and defense applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) chipsets. The certification includes the accreditation of PrimeSim Continuum, a foundation of the Synopsys Custom Design Platform and the integrated simulator technology embedded in the PrimeLib solution, providing a seamless simulation experience to achieve the quality of the Golden Signoff.

As the computational requirements triple as each node evolves, the complexity of library characterization has increased dramatically. As the main features of the PrimeLib solution, advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms and an adaptive flow generate accurate statistical variation models at extremely low voltage corners up to 5x faster than previous generations while reducing overall computing costs. The next generation solution also includes innovative SmartScaling technology for multi-PVT characterization, which builds on the Synopsys PrimeTime scaling engine to enable instant library generation with minimally characterized corners.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative technology solutions to meet the challenges of growing design and modeling complexity at 5 nm and below,” said Sangyun Kim, Vice President at Samsung Foundry. “The Synopsys PrimeLib library characterization and validation solution enables us to deliver Signoff quality libraries to these advanced nodes up to five times faster. This enables our mutual customers to accelerate the entire schedule for the chip design and to achieve optimal performance, performance and area targets. “

To keep up with growing market demands for optimized chip performance, high quality libraries of advanced process nodes, and cloud readiness for system design, accuracy requirements of 5 nm to 3 nm require effective library characterization cycles of advanced models such as electromigration (EM), aging and freedom variation format (LVF) . Additional global variations for next generation applications lead to changes in process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) that have a significant impact on chip design. Ultimately, these changes result in increased computational loads that require extensive assistance with peak demand process design kit (PDK) changes, which adversely affects design lead times.

The characterization of the PrimeLib library supports advanced models such as moment-based LVF, Aging and EM, offers captive simulator license support for characterization and superior scalability for existing solutions through up to 5 times faster throughput time (TAT) over 100,000 parallel jobs in the cloud or a computer cluster. The PrimeLib solution uses embedded PrimeSim SPICE and HSPICE engines integrated with validation functions to create PrimeTime libraries in golden signoff quality and PrimeShield design robustness analyzes.

The most important product features and customer benefits include:

  • Advanced ML models with up to 5x LVF performance improvement to precisely account for effects in extremely low PVT corners. Cloud-enabled support with superior scaling technology to reliably handle any workload while reducing TAT from weeks to days.
  • SmartScaling technology for multi-PVT corners to reduce the characterization runtime by 3 to 10 times and to enable the immediate generation of libraries.
  • Embedded PrimeSim SPICE engine and signoff validation functions to create PrimeTime Golden Signoff quality libraries, correlation, constraint and performance validation.
  • ML-based advanced sensitivity database to enable faster time to market for an updated PDK.

“Successful IC design requires high quality libraries, and Synopsys PrimeLib offers a comprehensive set of features that customers can use to safely scale with evolving industry needs,” said Sanjay Bali, Vice President of Product Marketing, Digital Design Group at Synopsys. “We appreciate our continued collaboration with Samsung Foundry to help deliver world-class process technology and believe this certification is a testament to our continued innovation efforts that accelerate high-performance designs for our mutual customers.”


Synopsys PrimeLib solution is now available. For more information, see PrimeLib: Unified Library Characterization and Validation.

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