Registration open for ENCCS / Intel OpenMP Hackathon, 8.-9. June


April 23, 2021 – OpenMP is a portable and scalable parallel programming model that provides programmers with a flexible interface for policy-based programming of parallel machines with shared memory. In conjunction with MPI, OpenMP can enable scientific software to be scaled to large supercomputers. Since version 4.0, OpenMP has supported outsourcing to accelerator devices such as GPUs, thus offering developers a single framework that can be used for existing and future GPU devices from multiple vendors.

After the OpenMP training workshop on June 1st and 2nd, ENCCS will host an event in collaboration with Intel OpenMP Hackathon for research teams and development teams who either:

  • Implement OpenMP in your code (either for CPUs or GPUs) or
  • Optimize the existing OpenMP implementation with the latest Intel tools.

To apply to participate in the hackathon, you need a well-defined project with clearly defined goals. We recommend that you join a team of at least 2 people. Invited teams are matched with experts from Intel and ENCCS / SNIC who offer hands-on mentoring and pair programming sessions. Note that hackathon participants should also take part in the training workshop on June 1st and 2nd.

The teams can conduct experiments both with the Intel Devcloud ( and with the Tetralith cluster at NSC (https: / / Invited teams will receive instructions on how to apply for accounts on these systems.


  • You should bring your own code in C, C ++, or Fortran to this event. HPC Python projects can also be considered.
  • Sign in with one or more colleagues
  • Your code should be available in an online repository that you can give mentors access to

This hackathon is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. So sign up using the link below if you want to speed up your code with OpenMP on CPUs or GPUs!

Carefully agenda

8th June

June 9th

To register for the hackathon, please describe your project at All members of a team should register, but only one member is required to provide code project details.

All hackathon participants are strongly advised to take part in the workshop on June 1st and 2nd.

To register for the workshop, please visit

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