Real-time analytics news for the week ending March 12th


In this week’s real-time analytics news: Snowflake and Google announced major acquisitions, Databricks launched a Lakehouse platform for healthcare and life sciences, and more.

Keeping up with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We’d like to help by providing a summary of some important news that our staff came across this week. Here is our list:

snowflake announced acquisition plans power lit. The company said its mutual customers have been building apps with both offerings for years. Snowflake even had an internal hackathon last year where multiple teams independently used Streamlit for apps on Snowflake in just a few days and a few lines of Python. They realized that bringing our two technologies together would be a way to make data apps accessible to many more people. The term they use to describe this is democratization of data apps.

Google announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire client. The acquisition will complement Google Cloud’s existing security strengths. Google Cloud offers services and features such as BeyondCorp Enterprise for Zero Trust and VirusTotal for malicious content and software vulnerabilities; Chronicle’s security analytics and automation in conjunction with services such as Security Command Center to detect and protect against cyber threats; and expertise from Google Cloud’s Cybersecurity Action Team. With the addition of Mandiant, Google Cloud will expand these offerings to provide an end-to-end security operations suite with even greater capabilities to support customers in cloud and on-premises environments.

data bricks launched a Lakehouse platform for organizations in the healthcare and life sciences industries. the Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences eliminates the need for legacy data architectures. It provides a single platform for data management, analytics, and advanced AI for use cases such as disease prediction, medical image classification, and biomarker detection. Early adopters include GE Healthcare, Regeneron, ThermoFisher and Walgreens, as well as partners such as Deloitte, Lovelytics, John Snow Labs and ZS Associates.

MicroAI announced the general availability (GA) of MicroAI Factory. This is a fully integrated manufacturing software suite that leverages edge-native AI to ingest manufacturing data from existing systems and sensors to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), real-time cycle time analysis, and predictive maintenance. It uses an edge-native AI engine to automatically develop cycle-time analysis and behavioral models that provide deep insights into machine operations and human behavior.

Vmware announced today that VMware Cloud on AWS is now available for purchase by Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers AWS Marketplace. Through AWS Marketplace, VMware also offers flexible purchase and consumption options for deploying and managing VMware Cloud on AWS and complementary solutions such as VMware vRealize Cloud Management and VMware Tanzu.

MariaDB announced the release of Xpand 6 with significant new features, all aimed at maximizing performance. For example, Xpand uses column indexes for real-time operational analysis directly on transactional data without losing consistency or missing the latest transactions. Another new feature is parallel replication. Xpand implements the equivalent of a multi-lane highway for asynchronously replicating data across geographic locations. Data replication is performed independently by each node in the cluster, increasing throughput with lower latency.

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Invoca announced the launch of a no-code integration library that enables companies to enable conversation intelligence data in their digital marketing and sales platforms with just a few clicks. The library includes no-code versions of existing Invoca integrations, as well as new integrations for Google Analytics 4, Meta Conversions API, and Slack.

C3 AI announced that the US Government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) has designated the C3 AI Suite as FedRAMP Ready. FedRAMP Ready status makes it easier and faster for government agencies to approve and implement the C3 AI Suite.

turn head announced that it has received Red Hat OpenShift Operator and Container certifications. As part of the Red Hat software partner ecosystem, the certifications provide users with greater confidence in building software projects on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. The HeadSpin certified OpenShift operator and container are now available in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

DataStax updated its open-source K8ssandra operator technology with new features that enable cloud-native multi-cluster database deployments of the Apache Cassandra database. The new K8ssandra operator became generally available this week and represents a major update to the technology introduced in March 2020. K8ssandra provides a Kubernetes operator that helps users run the cloud-native, open-source Apache Cassandra database on a Kubernetes Deploy and run clusters.

Partnerships, collaborations and more

the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) announced the launch of the third cohort within the Analytics Leadership Consortium (ALC) line of service. Each ALC cohort is designed to build and strengthen analytics leadership teams focused on learning, transfer of expertise, and discussion of industry priorities and challenges that exist for the data and analytics industry. Executives from Equifax and Yum! Brands are founding members of this latest ALC cohort, which addresses key initiatives and priorities for the future of data and analytics.

CanonicalPublisher of Ubuntualong with cPanel announced that they are expanding the collaboration to fully support Ubuntu LTS 20.04 with cPanel and WHM version 102. The collaboration with Canonical will give cPanel and WHM Ubuntu users more open source Linux distribution architecture options within their current infrastructure, while providing a more robust business suite of solutions to help customers scale and expand their business hosting operations to support.

Redis and Tecton announced a partnership and product integration. With the integration, Tecton customers can now use Redis Enterprise Cloud as an online shop for their ML functions. The companies claim that Redis Enterprise Cloud offers three times faster provisioning latencies compared to Amazon DynamoDB while reducing the cost per transaction by up to 14x.

Hakkoda announced that it has launched a new multi-party analytics offering snowflake designed for financial services companies. Hakkoda is working with us to make the new offer possible Affinio. Affinio’s graph analytics technology is embedded in Snowflake’s Data Cloud to enable rich customer insights and powerful, privacy-proof data collaboration without the need to move data.

InfluxData announced the launch of InfluxDB University (InfluxDB U), an online educational platform for people working with time series data. InfluxDB University provides developers with the technical skills needed to build applications through both on-demand and live courses led by InfluxData and industry experts. Courses at InfluxDB University are available today for free.

LeanIX resigned his membership in the Alliance for Cloud Security (CSA). LeanIX is published in CSA’s Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (STAR) Registry, a publicly available registry that documents the security and privacy controls provided by popular cloud computing offerings. The company has maintained STAR Level ONE status in enrollment as of September 2020 and is now a registered SaaS solution provider with CSA.

Cyligence, the originator of Apache Kylin and developer of the Kyligence Cloud AI-enhanced data services and management platform, announced the availability of the Kyligence Cloud on the AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog of thousands of software offerings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, try, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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