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LEESBURG, Va., Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (Nasdaq: QUBT), a leader in unleashing the power of quantum computing for non-quantum professionals, today announced its consulting practice, QCI Qconsulting, and Path2Quantum (P2Q), a four-phase framework that companies can use to investigate, measure, and strategize their adoption of quantum computing. The company also announced its first Qonsulting client, a recruitment agency Quad M Solutions, Inc. (Quad M) (OTC: MMMM). QCI will provide Quad M with quantum-ready solutions to optimize its health insurance services.

QCI Qonsulting engagements leverage proven expertise in vendor-neutral quantum software and algorithms, as well as the company’s turnkey quantum software. Catalyst™. QCI believes that Qonsulting will enable organizations to embark on a comprehensive strategic path to quantum technology while drastically reducing the time and investment risk in early quantum exploration.

Investments in quantum technologies will grow from $412 million in 2020 to $8.6 billion in 2027. according to research firm IDC. Organizations that start now will have a significant competitive advantage over those that continue to wait until quantum computing is a proven technology. However, the complexities of quantum hardware and software development are forcing companies to invest heavily in elite quantum expertise just to examine quantum potential use cases for their potential business value.

QCI’s Qonsulting and Qatalyst offer an easier and more efficient choice by offering organizations a straightforward way to explore a wide range of quantum options across different QPUs without the need for expensive quantum development. You benefit from full scale and accelerated quantum exploration with much lower investment and risk.

“While some vendors focus on selling expensive QPU access or complex quantum programming, we provide the framework, expertise, and turnkey software needed to make quantum accessible and available to today’s subject matter experts, so they can freely research its potential value,” said Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI. “Qonsulting leverages our team’s diverse expertise in quantum systems and software to solve business challenges. We look forward to working with a variety of organizations to explore their best path to quantum, free from vendor lock-in and expensive software investments.”

“Consulting firms are already exploring the best path to shareholder value using our Qatalyst technology and software in sectors such as wind energy, banking, healthcare and oil and gas. Because of these achievements, we know that Qonsulting is tackling a much-needed challenge in the market,” added Liscouski.

Qonsulting provides responsive experts focused on finding the best possible way to adopt quantum computing to solve practical and often critical use cases. The QCI team brings unique expertise across all QPUs and CPUs to turn problems into quantum-ready problems. QCI’s advanced capabilities also include deep optimization, community discovery and machine learning, and experience developing market-leading quantum innovations.

Qonsulting also offers Qatalyst ready-to-run quantum software, which gives business users direct access to quantum computers. Subject matter experts from the business world learn to easily model, submit and solve their problems on Quantum Ready and Quantum Systems without the need for quantum expertise.

The most important thing at Qonsulting is the commitment to show and implement a practical and successful path to quantum. QCI’s P2Q framework defines four flexible phases on the way to initial and ongoing quantum value. Each phase builds on the exploration and learnings from the previous phase. This leads organizations to define a comprehensive and strategic plan for the adoption of quantum computing. Businesses can start at different points based on need and readiness. The framework is briefly outlined below:

  • Phase I: Identify expectations, assess quantum possible use cases/problems/applications and prioritize quantum possible opportunities.
  • Phase II: Examine quantum hardware and software options, define the best infrastructure to test and measure for specific quantum potential problems.
  • Phase III: Test quantum problems and infrastructures in different configurations from quantum-ready classical to hybrid to pure quantum, tune problems, measure potential. Identify the best possible strategic stages to move forward with Quantum, including target infrastructures, timing for each stage as QPUs progress, and expected outcomes at each stage.
  • Phase IV: Begin initial processing based on the Phase III plan. Test, refine and push further as clients identify next quantum opportunities in subsequent Phase I.

To learn more about QCI’s Qonsulting offering and P2Q framework, visit www.quantumcomputinginc.com/qonsulting/

About Quantum Computing Inc.
Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (Nasdaq: QUBT) is focused on accelerating the value of quantum computing for real-world business solutions. The company’s flagship product, Qatalyst, is the first software to bridge the power of classical and quantum computing, hiding complexity and empowering SMBs to solve complex computing problems today. QCI’s team of experts in finance, computer science, security, mathematics and physics has more than a century of experience in complex technologies. from leading supercomputing innovations to massively parallel programming to security protecting nations. Connect with activated QCI LinkedIn and @QciQuantum on twitter. For more information on QCI, see www.quantumcomputinginc.com.

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