Prime Minister vows to reclaim “trillions worth of invaded land”


Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to take action against land grabbers and their accomplices after authorities complete the first phase of cadastral mapping of the state land.

Prime Minister Imran said on Twitter on Sunday that his government encountered massive opposition when it began cadastral mapping of Pakistan to digitize land records “like protests against EVMs” [electronic voting machines]”.

“The results of the Phase 1 survey of state land show why the resistance: phenomenal state land encroachments, including on woodland by the consent of the land mafia and the political elite,” he wrote.

The prime minister shared the survey documents on the microblogging site, saying the total value of the invaded land is estimated at around 5.595 billion rupees.

“The approximate value of the invaded woodland is 1869 billion rupees. This has exacerbated the existing lack of adequate forest area in Pakistan, ”he added.

With this exact digital recording, the Prime Minister said the government would now take action against “this land mafia and its intermediaries”.

His statement comes after the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, shared the digitized cadastral maps of the state lands today and announced that the Prime Minister will share this data with the provinces in order to take tough measures against land grabbers that invade many of the lands these lands.

Reaching out to the media in Islamabad, the SAPM shared the latest Survey of Pakistan cadastral maps of Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, while those of Sindh were in progress due to delays in information from authorities.

Amin said the cadastral mapping was started a year and a half ago by the prime minister to fulfill his promise with the nation to take punitive and impartial action against the land invaders.

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“These maps show exactly every inch of the state land and its invaded area along with the correct data,” he added.

The SAPM announced that around 50,000 square kilometers were recorded as part of the cadastral mapping, which was carried out in the four federal units of Punjab, KP, Balochistan and Sindh.

In Punjab and KP, he said that around 160,000 acres of public or state land worth 500 billion rupees were attacked. The 30,000 square kilometers of woodland mapping was also completed as part of the digitized cadastral mapping, of which 700,000 acres of woodland were invaded by the land grabbing mafia, he added.

Amin stressed that the number of invaded state properties is highest in Sindh, but due to delays in exchanging data, his cadastral map is being prepared.

According to one of the completed digital cadastral maps, 71 percent (10,970 acres) of the forest land in Benazir Abad District, Sindh, of the total of 15,450 acres, was attacked, the Takhtpari Forest in Rawalpindi had a total area of ​​2,210 acres, of which 755 hectares nearly 34 percent were attacked .

However, the Lohi-Behr forest area, which lies on the border of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, had over 57 percent (629 acres) of its total area of ​​1,089 acres was raided by the land mafia. The Karachi Forest Division, now called “a concrete jungle,” originally had 2,703 square kilometers of forest area, which the land diggers reduced to just 0.4 percent.

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