Pregnant woman suffers life-threatening injuries in shooting in Brockton – NBC Boston


According to police, two people were shot dead and one of them seriously injured on Tuesday evening in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Brockton Police received a report shortly after 5 p.m. that a woman had been shot dead at 622 North Main Street. However, the emergency services found both a woman and a man with gunshot wounds.

A patrolman drove the woman in an ambulance before she was taken to a Boston hospital with life-threatening injuries by rescue helicopter, police said. According to the police, she was in stable condition on Wednesday.

The man’s injuries are not considered life-threatening. As the police announced on Wednesday, he was arrested with an arrest warrant.

No other injuries were reported.

Ana Veras, who lives next door, told NBC10 Boston the woman who was shot was pregnant.

“She was pregnant,” Veras said of the victim. “Basically, the lady on the first floor said that she heard a strong beating.

Veras told NBC10 Boston that the victim’s baby will be born next month.

Another neighbor, Ondina Alves, told NBC10 Boston that the woman already has children. Alves says she saw them shortly after the shooting when they were walking around the scene looking for their mother.

“I saw her cry and ask about her mother. “I don’t see my mother. Where is my mother? ‘”Said Alves. “It’s so sad to see something like this happen to a neighbor. I saw the children cry and ask about their mother. It’s crazy.”

A local man told NBC10 Boston that the victim was his niece.

Investigators were seen taking pictures and documenting the crime scene Tuesday night while investigating the shooting in the three-story house, and police filled both sides of North Main Street.

Local residents say they are concerned for their own safety.

“You need to find out what’s going on here,” said a neighbor.

The police did not initially say whether someone was arrested. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Brockton Police Detectives at 508-941-0234.

The Plymouth County Attorney’s Office is involved in the investigation, according to Brockton Police Department.

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