Offer to link hospitals for data exchange in real time received poor response | Pune news


Pune: The county government’s plan to connect public and private Covid hospitals for real-time data sharing and tracking has taken a shock due to poor response from health centers.
After the intervention of the Bombay HC, the district administration, with the involvement of medical informatics from the Indian Medical Association, decided to connect public and private Covid hospitals via the internationally recognized software framework Health Level (HL) 7 with a handful of hospitals due to the reluctance of the pilot project Hospitals to share data fail to materialize. Santosh Patil, the deputy commissioner of the Pune Divisional Commission, said: “The pilot project that some public and private Covid hospitals were involved in to evaluate the usefulness of the HL7 framework could not start because the hospitals were not interested . We haven’t put the project on hold. We will do it.”
HL7 is essentially a set of standards (message formats) for transferring clinical and administrative data between software applications used by healthcare providers. Hospitals don’t have to change their software to use HL7. All you had to do was add this feature, said medical informatics.
“At a meeting in the division chairman’s office in June, it was decided to connect some government hospitals through HL7 to see how the system works. After that there was no further discussion, ”says medical IT specialist Rajeev Joshi, who is advising the district administration on disconnecting the dashboard from HL7. At the moment, the software of the healthcare institutions is not compatible with each other. This has resulted in islands of data that cannot be shared. “Integrating hospital electronic health record systems with HL7 shouldn’t be a problem. We will raise awareness among hospitals not to have concerns about data disclosure, ”said Sanjay Patil, Chair of the IMA’s Hospital Board of India.



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