New daily record for COVID-19 cases as 105 cases have been announced


Permanent Secretary of Health, Doctor James Fong.

Secretary of State for Health Doctor James Fong confirms that there are 105 new COVID-19 cases today – 98 of the new cases are linked to existing clusters

It was also confirmed that another 2 patients admitted to the CWM Hospital for pre-existing serious illnesses have died.

Doctor Fong says that during the ongoing outbreak in the hospital, both patients tested positive for COVID-19 during their admission.

However, he says their doctors have determined that their causes of death are related to the pre-existing conditions for which they were admitted and hospitalized.

Doctor Fong says these are not deaths from COVID-19 and the ministry offers condolences to the relatives of the deceased patients.

Meanwhile, Doctor Fong confirms that 21 announced COVID-19 cases are related to the CWM hospital cluster, 16 from Nawajikuma, Nawaka in Nadi, 6 cases from the tram line, Nawaka, Nadi cluster, 1 other case from the Kinoya cluster, 2 cases from the Navosai cluster, 11 cases from the Waila cluster, 11 cases from the Navy cluster, 8 cases from the Incident Management Team cluster of the Ministry of Health, 15 cases from the Muanikoso cluster and 7 more cases from the Nasinu Police Barracks Cluster.

5 cases from Grantham Road and 2 cases from Tacirua are being investigated.

Doctor Fong says a review of Nadi’s cases reported yesterday found 1 case tested positive twice and then counted twice as different names for the same person were entered on the forms for each of the samples tested.

The duplicate record has been removed from the active and total cases.

8 patients have recovered meaning there are now 796 active cases in isolation.

There were 1,048 cases during this outbreak, which began in April 2021.

Fiji has recorded a total of 1,118 cases since it was first reported in March 2020.

There have been 312 recoveries and 4 deaths from COVID-19.

A total of 6 COVID-19 positive patients died from pre-existing non-COVID-19 related illnesses.

107,672 samples have been tested since this outbreak began in April 2021, including 150,533 since testing began in early 2020.

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