MobiledgeX introduces federation to every edge platform


MobiledgeX this week announced version 3.1 of its MobiledgeX Edge cloud platform, introducing federation between all standards-based mobile edge computing platforms.

This is an important development as edge application developers look for a “write once, deploy everywhere” experience in mobile network environments. As different regions and operators standardize on an edge computing platform of their choice, MobiledgeX can ensure that the now 25 mobile operators with which it has launched edge cloudlets can interoperate with other edges around the world.

To date, MobiledgeX has worked with more than 200 software developers to deliver use cases spanning consumer and enterprise applications across all major verticals including media and entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and retail. These developers have emphasized the importance of achieving cloud-like deployment simplification in mobile networks. A standardized, federated edge that can be deployed by any operator and accessed by a user in any region is an important step towards achieving this goal.

MobiledgeX’s Edge Cloud Federation, based on GSMA standards, introduces an “east-west” interface that supports the automated migration of “backend” workloads of edge applications between the edge clouds of different operators. This ensures that mobile users of native edge applications receive a consistent quality of experience across different edge networks. Edge Cloud Federation is a feature introduced in MobiledgeX’s MobilegeX Edge Cloud Release 3.1 platform. Additional benefits introduced in this new version include:

– 5G QoS API: Edge application developers can use a MobiledgeX API to define a 5G QoS policy for an application. MobiledgeX then interacts with the 5G network to configure the defined policy, simplifying the application onboarding process for MNOs who would otherwise have to manually configure QoS policies on behalf of developer partners.

– Bare Metal Kubernetes Enhancements Including Google Anthos: Support for bare metal Kubernetes deployments, including Google Anthos on bare metal, and new features that improve operational control over bare metal-based edge clouds. Multi-tenancy is now supported, allowing different developer organizations to share the same bare metal cluster.

Michael Lockhead, SVP of Product for MobiledgeX
Today we’re announcing capabilities that make it easier to connect our growing number of edge clouds across 25 mobile network operators to other standards-based edge platforms, instantly increasing the number of edge sites we can expose developers to and addressing the industry Another big step closer to edge monetization.


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