Minister warns against sharing personal data on social media


I emphasize once again that you never pass on our personal data such as addresses and others

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Minister for the Advancement of Women and Child Protection, Bintang Puspayoga, warned women and parents not to share their family’s personal information, including their children, on social media in order to prevent crimes resulting from such disclosure of information .

“I emphasize once again that you never pass on our personal data such as addresses and others”, emphasized Puspayoga during an online discussion “Raising awareness of crime in social media in order to strengthen the resilience of the family” here on Saturday.

The minister also advised all parents to be careful when sharing photos on social media. She argued that information and photos uploaded on social media can lead to crimes such as child abduction or abuse.

“The recent kidnapping and abuse of children came from parents’ social media posts that included data and pictures of children,” Puspayoga said.

The minister stressed that both parents and children need to understand the risks of internet use, common forms of crime, protective tools and ways to protect against cybercrime.

Puspayoga urged parents and children to understand the importance of maintaining privacy online, as uploaded content could be difficult to remove and misused by criminals around the world.

“We need to ensure that children use the Internet within the framework of the applicable regulations, such as meeting the minimum age criteria for using social media,” she said.

The minister also cited research that showed that around 87 percent of Indonesian children used social media before they were 13 years old.

“This is a cause for concern, and to that end, parents should build family resilience and create positive and warm relationships within a family,” noted Puspayoga.

Meanwhile, the Personal Data Protection Act is still at the drafting stage. On Friday December 3rd, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics spoke about its focus on disseminating information on the Personal Data Protection Act to the community.

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