MIIT sets regulations for the security of intelligent vehicle networks


Beijing (Gasgoo) – On September 15, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a notice on ICV data and internet security to improve regulations in the emerging industry.

Photo credit: SAIC Motor

As intelligent connected vehicles become an unstoppable trend around the world, concerns have been raised about the security of personal data and general security. The notice is designed to provide specific guidance for companies in the industry.

According to the announcement, automakers need to improve the management of access and permissions for all external ports such as USB ports and charging sockets in order to eliminate the risk of external attack.

Automakers are instructed to deploy strict internet security monitoring and warning systems in all vehicles, with data logs kept for at least six months per user.

In addition to strict monitoring, companies in the industry should develop and use data resources within the framework of what is reasonable, prevent a violation of the privacy of users and always inform users about automated decision-making techniques when processing data. Companies are obliged to evaluate the data protection capability of partners and to monitor the situation during data exchange.

In particular, the notice also contains specific guidelines for the outsourcing of data. Smart vehicle manufacturers and service platform operators are required to assess and report to local communication and information regulators prior to offshore transmission of the data collected within China. Local authorities are also required to submit and conduct safety assessments in such situations.


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