MarketInk: A San Diego PR firm memorializes COVID event closures and looks to a recovery in 2022

Joice Truban Curry, owner of c3 Communications

San Diego-based public relations firm c3 Communications, which specializes in promotion and public relations for special events, recalls the impact of the government-mandated COVID-19-related shutdown of public events as “pretty gross.”

The company lost several long-standing customer events to COVID in the past two years, including promotions for more than 25 boat shows and the IDEA World Fitness Convention, said owner Joice Truban Curry, who opened her company in 2000.

“Some will come back in 2022, some won’t,” she said. “The last few years have been pretty tough.”

Curry noted how badly special event organizers and the hospitality industry have been affected. “It seemed like when they adjusted things to keep their customers safe with the current policies, the policies changed,” she said. “How should a company be able to act when the rules are constantly changing?

“The shutdowns and mask requirements have been extended for far too long. It’s sad how many places have ceased operations due to the ever-changing rules. The events industry has been hit pretty hard due to the confusion of mixed messages and the fear instilled in consumers before going out. Many events were not allowed to take place at all, although many took place outdoors.”

Curry said she hopes for a business rebound in 2022. She recently announced three new customers, including: Rincon Reservation Road Brewery in Ocean Beach; Gleam In Your Eye, a monthly subscription box of games and activities to help people with mid-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; and The Spirit-Free Challenge, an online business platform helping people transform their relationship with alcohol.

“c3 is still around because of the diversity of clients in our portfolio,” Curry said. “It’s a new world, but one to embrace. It sure looks brighter for everyone.” appoints Lauren Griewski as Chief Revenue Officer

San Diego-based, a startup specializing in permission-based advertising for e-commerce, has hired Lauren Griewski as chief revenue officer.

Lauren Griewski

The company said Griewski will lead’s growth through strategic partnerships with global advertisers to transform the digital advertising ecosystem. She will oversee the development of the company’s advertising sales organization and engage advertisers in its innovative products, including Permission Ads, which allow advertisers to offer rewards to consumers in tokens for consent and data sharing.

Griewski has over 15 years of media, advertising, technology and business management experience. Most recently, she was the Founder and CEO of Soul Expressed, LLC., a technology platform that has helped leaders and organizations accelerate global growth and transformation.

She also previously worked for Facebook (Meta), Roblox, VEVO and Viacom. At Facebook, she was a leader in ad technology, monetization and strategic partnerships. She led the development of Facebook’s B2B advertising business and implemented global go-to-market strategies, including the establishment of the B2B Center of Excellence.

“We are honored to have Lauren Griewski join our growing team at such a critical time for our company,” said Charlie Silver, CEO of “With years of leadership experience and proven results in the advertising industry, Lauren will be a key component in driving the growth of Permission Ads, Permission’s core product, which we believe will be fundamental to the future of Web3 advertising .”

“I’ve been fortunate to be part of massive changes and transformations in the advertising industry,” said Griewski. “With evolving technologies, new currencies and customer-centric solutions, advertisers are now more poised than ever to exceed their business goals and redefine customer relationships. Crypto and Web3 are no longer just the way of the future, they are here and seeing rapid adoption. I look forward to working with innovative companies and brand leaders to accelerate their success in partnership with Permission.”

Launched in 2017, created the Ask Coin, a cryptocurrency that is part of a global digital advertising ecosystem based on opt-in data exchange. Users who agree to share their information on digital channels are rewarded with Ask Coins issued by advertisers. Ask Coin enables consumers to own and monetize their data while providing marketers with an engaged audience.

North County’s KPRI-FM Rez Radio ranks 11th

KPRI-FM Rez Radio 91.3, a North County radio station owned by the Pala Band of Mission Indians, recently celebrated its 11th year on the air.

In February 2011, the station, then called KOPA-FM, received its broadcasting license from the Federal Communications Commission,

John Fox, station manager, said in a statement. “Since then, we’ve never accidentally gone off the air. The full 60 minutes of each hour is dedicated to informing and entertaining. We don’t bully listeners for donations for a solid week every three months like other non-commercial stations. Thank your tribe for that.”

According to Fox, the station has received more than 20 awards from the San Diego Press Club and honors from the Southern California News Association for Best Small Network News.

Fox said KPRI’s shows include: “Pala Life Past and Present,” with Eric Ortega discussing the heritage of the tribe and conducting interviews with tribal elders; “Mark’s Groovy Trip” with the 40 greatest musical hits of the 1970s; “Vinyl Resting Place,” featuring San Diego rock radio veteran Jim McInnes; “Jack’s Tracks” with Chris Carmichael highlighting local musicians; “Rez Dub Reggae” with host Elijah Duro; “Rockin’ the Rez” with folk musician Joel Rafael; Services of the Pala Catholic Mission Church at 8 am on Sunday. Also, Fox said select programs and IDs, including hourly time checks, will be spoken in Pa’enexily, Kupa’s native language.

Beginning in the 1960s, KPRI served as the call sign for a number of album-oriented rock music radio stations in San Diego, including a station that aired on 102.1-FM for several years. In 2015, the 102.1 frequency was acquired by the Educational Media Foundation, which today plays adult contemporary Christian music on its nationally syndicated K-LOVE network.

In March 2018, Rez Radio changed its call sign from KOPA to KPRI, with KPRI’s initials standing for “Kupa Pala Rez Indians”. Kupa refers to the name of the Pala tribe’s ancestral home near WarnerSprings.

IABC discusses storytelling with Katy Temple

The International Association of Business Communicators San Diego Chapter will host a virtual interactive session on “Building a Leadership Presence Through Storytelling and Engagement” with Katy Temple on Wednesday, February 23 from 4:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Entry is $10 for members, $20 for non-members and $5 for students.

Temple is an Emmy Award-winning television network that has covered sports for Fox Sports South, NFL Network and the Olympic Broadcasting Channel in Vancouver. It currently delivers sports programming on KFMB-TV CBS8 and CW San Diego on a fill-in basis.

She also coaches and trains sales teams, executives, and professional athletes to find their authentic voice and get their voice on camera, and is a speaker coach at TEDxSan Diego.

Rick Griffin is a San Diego-based public relations and marketing consultant. His MarketInk column appears weekly in the Times of San Diego on Mondays.

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