Kidnapped child found, but mom is still missing


Police have found the two-year-old boy kidnapped by his Rahway father on Friday, but the child’s mother remains missing, officials said on Saturday.

The toddler and his father were found Saturday morning at a motel in Monterey, Tennessee, nearly 800 miles away.

Sebastian Rios, 2, was the subject of an Amber Alert on Friday after police said his father, Tyler Rios, 27, from Highland Park, kidnapped him and his mother. Rios has been arrested and awaiting extradition to New Jersey.

But the 24-year-old Rahway mother Yasmine Uyar remains missing.

Tyer Rios (NJ State Police)

Loved ones began to suspect something was wrong on Friday when the little boy didn’t show up for daycare and his mother didn’t show up for her work shifts.

Police went to Uyar’s home in Rahway on Friday to check on the family but did not find anyone there.

Uyar’s sister told ABC7NY that the two adults were no longer in a relationship and that Rios had a history of domestic violence and homelessness.

Yasemin Uyaf (above), Tyler Rios, Sebastian Rios (NJ State Police)

Authorities are requesting anyone with information about the case, Lt. Call Johnny Ho the Union County Attorney’s Office at 908-403-8271 or Detective Richard Acosta at 908-347-0404.

Sebastian Rios (Police Highland Park)

“Although we are relieved that Sebastian Rios has been safely found and that Tyler Rios is in custody, we urge anyone with information on the whereabouts of Yasmine Uyar to come forward and tell us what they know, even anonymously. “Prosecutor Lyndsay V. Ruotolo said Saturday morning in a written statement.

Sergio Bichao is the digital editor-in-chief of New Jersey 101.5. Send him message tips: call 609-775-9793 or email [email protected]

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