Here’s the CNN+ schedule so far


The closer we get to the as yet unannounced start date for the first quarter CNN’s new streaming service CNN +, the more the broadcaster’s plans come into focus.

For example, CNN has already made it clear that the forthcoming offering is not intended to be a streamable alternative that merely offers viewers most of what they’re already getting. Rather, CNN+ will exist alongside the network’s television programming, offering content from CNN’s archives as well as shows by talent curated specifically for the streaming service. One of the newest beings Alison Roman, a renowned chef and New York Times Bestselling Author.

Roman’s just-announced show is actually the CNN+ title I’m most looking forward to. That’s thanks to my own pandemic diet, which needs to be shaken out of its doldrums, mixed with Roman’s personality. Reading her email newsletter, for example, can feel a bit like receiving a culinary cheat sheet from a friend. “Sometimes the beigest foods are my favorites, and there’s no more beige food than this,” she wrote in one of her newsletters from a few days ago, featuring a recipe for a dilly bean stew with cabbage and frizz onions.

“It’s also deceptively complex, and is good for anyone who lists cucumbers as one of their top 5 foods. I received a reader email this morning that basically said “LOVE YOU BUT ENOUGH WITH THE BEANS” which is fair! I even said so myself.”

CNN announced in the last few days that Roman will be the host a new CNN Original Series cooking show as part of the CNN+ content list. In collaboration with Zero Point Zero, the production company behind Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” for CNN, Roman will be featured both in and out of the kitchen.

Behind all of her recipes are compelling, personal and, more importantly, relatable stories. For her show, CNN says she will both teach at the stove and go out into the world “to learn about the ingredients, the people, and the history behind the dish.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with CNN+ on this project,” Roman said as part of the network’s announcement. “For years I’ve dreamed of bringing a new kind of cooking and food show to life and I can’t think of a better place to make it happen. Lydia and the whole team at ZPZ have been my heroes for so long, I’m really looking forward to working with them.”

Based in New York, Roman has also worked as a cooking columnist for The New York Times as well as an editor at Bon Appetit. She has made her way as a pastry chef at places like Quince in San Francisco as well as Momofuku Milk Bar in New York.

Roman is joined on CNN+ by a growing list of talent including Anderson Cooper, Eva Longoria, Chris Wallace and more.

Here’s a snapshot of what else we know for the streaming service:

Anderson Cooperr: The venerable CNN host is getting two shows on CNN+ – ‘Parental Guidance with Anderson Cooper’ while his current streaming show ‘Anderson Cooper Full Circle’ is transitioning to the new service. CNN says Cooper’s parent-focused show will air weekly on the streamer and will give him expert advice on “how to navigate life as a working dad and face everyday parenting challenges, from sleep schedules to screen time.” Cooper will learn along with the audience and ask questions to the experts for their advice.”

Anderson Cooper Full Circle is a twice-weekly digital show in which Cooper interviews newsmakers on stories outside of Washington DC, available exclusively on CNN Digital. It will be moved to the CNN+ live schedule.

Chris Wallace: Longtime Fox News host Chris Wallace abruptly left the network a few weeks ago, where he had become something of a senior statesman to join CNN’s new streamer. Few details about his live weekday show have emerged so far. But CNN says there will be interviews with newsmakers “from politics, business, sports and culture.” And it will be available at launch.

Kasie Hunt: Hunt recently left NBC News/MSNBC to become CNN’s newest anchor and chief national affairs analyst. She will also host a daily politics-focused show on CNN+, in addition to her coverage for CNN and breaking news coverage.

Eva Longoria: The actress and activist hosts a spin-off of Stanley Tucci’s CNN original series Searching for Italy for CNN+. In Longoria’s case, the new show will be in six parts “Eva Longoria: In Search of Mexico.” It will follow her as she explores Mexico from the perspective of its cuisine and culture.

Scott Galloway: CNN, a serial entrepreneur and professor of marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business, says Galloway will be hosting a new live show, available at launch, that will focus on “the news and conversations where business and technology collide”.

Audie Cornish: Former co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered joins CNN+ as host and correspondent. In addition to hosting a weekly CNN+ show and contributing to the streamer’s live programming, she will also host a new CNN audio podcast, as well as cover national, political and current affairs for CNN.

Ethan Hawke: The Last Movie Stars, a six-chapter film directed by actor Ethan Hawke, premieres exclusively on CNN+ (with a future availability on HBO Max). According to CNN, which is being executive produced by Martin Scorsese, the film will “celebrate the enigmatic personalities, bright talent and love story of actors Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.”

Additional programming:

  • 5 things: The CNN newsletter and podcast brand is expanding to include a morning show airing on CNN+. Each morning, CNN explains, presenter Kate Bolduan will “count down the five stories you need to know to start your day. Grab a coffee and count down the five most important stories of the morning with Bolduan in this new and immersive show.”
  • The big picture, hosted by CNN Senior National Correspondent Sara Sidner: This provides viewers with an in-depth and “contextual” look at the biggest stories of the day. It will be a live weekday show that will also include talks and reports from CNN reporters, correspondents, presenters and guest experts.
  • go there: This CNN show is moving to CNN+ to become an exclusive there. It is hosted by the network’s national and international correspondents, who “take viewers to the front lines of breaking news in every corner of the world.”
  • boss files: CNN Newsroom host Poppy Harlow is expanding her podcast by bringing an 8-episode series of the same name to CNN+. This show will focus on the biggest names in business and their respective paths to success, according to the network.


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