GSFC University launches courses on fire safety and security


In India, many people lost their lives and property in accidents caused by fire. The rapid industrialization and urbanization in India and other countries has created a massive need for competent and qualified fire protection and safety specialists both in India and worldwide. It has been observed that, compared to the requirements, only 10% of the qualified and trained fire protection workers are available. In addition, over 80,000 qualified fire protection workers are expected to be needed in India. Aside from the requirements of the applicable regulations, fire safety and EHS professionals are needed in MAH (Major Accident Hazard Industries) such as airports, port trusts, power generation, steel industry and many more.

Various types of industries such as oil / gas, textile, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, infrastructure, etc. have been observed to have seen remarkable growth in India due to massive foreign investment, privatization and liberalization. There is also a need for such industries in developing countries in order to improve the country’s gross domestic product. Pressure on workers to be highly productive in less time can increase various types of risks in the workplace. After the great gas tragedy in Bhopal (Bhopal gas tragedy) in 1984, medium-sized and large industries made occupational safety a mandatory part of the management. The role of Fire & EHS engineers is to enable workers to have a trouble-free workplace and to reduce the risk in the workplace. Therefore, the need for fire protection and safety professionals is in great demand in all industries.

GSFC University has made a name for itself in Fire & Environment, Health, Safety with the sole aim of minimizing the gap between the demand from fire and EHS professionals and the actual presence of professionals. The vision underlying the founding of the GSFC University is social development through relevant and state-of-the-art knowledge in the border areas of professional development.

The university offers UG, PG and PG diploma courses, namely B.Tech in Fire and Environment, Health Safety, B.Sc in Fire & Safety, PG Diploma in Industrial Safety (PGDIS) for 1 year, PG Diploma in Fire and Life Safety Audit (PGDFLSA). The status of fire protection and safety education at the postgraduate level lags far behind that of the Bachelor’s degree. At the graduate level, fire safety education encompasses various disciplines that cover various aspects related to fire safety as found in sciences such as engineering, hydrology, architecture, electric cars, etc.

Given the increasing demand for fire safety and EHS professionals, GSFC University has introduced a PG Diploma in Fire Safety and Life Safety Audit. The degree program curriculum focuses on the holistic development of students to promote academic excellence and innovation in teaching methodology. The content of these courses is very thorough and covers all theoretical and practical aspects of fire, safety, health, the environment and life safety. The university provides students with a professional and real workplace through visits to GSFC’s own plants, subsidiaries and related industries. The companies make their facilities available as a learning environment in which students can work on projects, case studies and group projects.

The proximity of the GSFC University to the city of Vadodara and the industrial cluster will be an additional benefit. The university offers a like-minded environment in which to vividly absorb the training it provides. In addition to GSFC, an association with over 100 industries was founded to offer internships on the basis of a “Medical College”. GSFC University trains students through a perfect blend of case studies and role-playing, frequent industry visits, internships, robust academics, and research-based activities to meet the massive demand and build their own careers.

Engineers are professionals who design, analyze, and recommend technical and practical approaches to complex systems in order to achieve functional goals. In order to produce competent engineers, educational institutions must provide students with the necessary facilities and intensive knowledge. GSFC University provides students with the facilities and in-depth knowledge they need to produce skilled engineers. GSFC University strives to be the best compact and boutique institution with a futuristic approach that promotes a student-centered culture and a sharpened focus on developing industry-ready and employable students with comprehensive development in response to current market needs and the achievement of Quality sets engineers.

The need of the hour is to build a group of fire protection and EHS experts who can look beyond the stereotypical boundaries of traditional fields of study and are able to cover the entire spectrum of fire protection, life and fire protection, occupational safety, health and the environment.

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