GigaIO Announces Series of Composability Appliances Powered by AMD, First Edition designed specifically for higher education and showcased at ISC


SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GigaIO, provider of the world’s only open rack-scale computing platform for advanced-scale workflows, today announced the launch of a new composability appliance. The GigaIO Composability Appliance: University Edition, powered by AMD, is a flexible heterogeneous computing environment designed for higher education that can easily handle the diverse workloads required for teaching, professorial research, and doctoral research. Future iterations of the appliance will bring the benefits of composability to manufacturing and life sciences users over the coming year.

“With the launch of this rack-scale appliance, we’re bringing an easy-to-use infrastructure to the classroom, where composability can provide students with a wide range of flexible technologies to learn and grow,” said Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO. “AMD is the perfect partner for this project because of our shared commitment to creating an open platform based on industry standards. We are committed to making it easy for people to take advantage of this new technology and with the experience and success the company has garnered in the higher ed space, our first joint product with AMD is well positioned to be a critical success to achieve.”

“Composability can give students access to a range of devices they will use in the real world, so they are better prepared for the job market,” said Brock Taylor, director, Global HPC Solutions, AMD. “Our recent joint deployments of composable infrastructure at the San Diego Supercomputing Center at the University of California San Diego and the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas, Austin demonstrate the promise of composability to solve complex computing problems.”

The GigaIO Composability Appliance: University Edition, powered by AMD, is designed with ease of use in mind, so it can be used in a classroom or lab without the need for specialized IT skills. It is a complete, highly efficient, future-proof composable infrastructure solution that provides cloud-like agility for on-prem infrastructure and enables on-demand cloud bursting within a single interface. Flexibility and composability mean systems don’t sit idle when not in use for instruction – they can instead be reconfigured for actual simulation work and switched back to instructional mode when needed.

For ease of use, the GigaIO Composability Appliance: University Edition comes pre-installed with NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager, which combines its ability to easily create and manage clusters with GigaIO’s ability to connect AMD accelerators, AMD-powered servers, and other devices into one seamless dynamic fabric. Native integration of FabreX, GigaIO’s universal dynamic storage fabricTMwithin NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager, allows owners to easily assign configurations before use and share hardware among students to give them the ability to run actual simulation workloads on the same compute infrastructure they will use upon graduation.

FabreX makes it possible to treat an entire rack of servers as a single compute resource, handling all compute communications, including server-to-server traffic (like MPI and NVMe-oF). Resources that normally reside within a server—including accelerators, storage, and even memory—can now be encapsulated in accelerator or storage enclosures, where they are available to all servers in a rack. These resources and servers continue to communicate over a native PCIe memory fabric for the lowest possible latency and highest bandwidth performance, just as if they were attached to the server motherboard.

GigaIO Composability Appliances are designed to accommodate a wide variety of accelerator types and brands, providing a truly vendor-agnostic environment. The University Edition units are containerized and can be easily assembled via bare metal and feature AMD EPYCTM Processors and AMD InstinctTM MI210 accelerator. The GigaIO Composability Appliance: University Edition, powered by AMD, is offered in three configurations and is available immediately. Learn more.

About GigaIO

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, GigaIO democratizes AI and HPC architectures by providing the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the TCO (total cost of ownership). With its universal dynamic infrastructure fabric FabreX™ and its innovative open architecture using industry-standard PCI Express/soon-to-be CXL technology, GigaIO breaks through the limitations of the server box and frees up resources to reduce the time to results. Contact [email protected], visit www.gigaio.comor keep following Twitter and LinkedIn.

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