Gerard Healy leaves On The Couch, resigns as presenter of the TV show Fox Footy, 20 years career, next presenter


Legendary broadcaster and football analyst Gerard Healy has decided to step down as the presenter of Fox Footy On the couch after 20 years.

Healy has hosted the multi-award-winning Monday night flagship show since 2002, which sets the week’s agenda, conducts groundbreaking interviews, and addresses the game’s biggest problems.

The 1988 Brownlow medalist, three-time All-Australian and half-forward in Sydney’s Team of the Century stays with us Fox Footy in 2022 in other roles, such as gameday expert commentary.

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“While I look forward to being a part of the Fox Footy Team for a couple of seasons for a while now, I’ve felt that after 20 years of hosting ‘The Couch’ it was probably time for a change, both for me and for the show, ”Healy said on Friday.

“They shared the same opinion in discussions with Fox management and I thank them for their continued support.”

The On The Couch Panel 2021: Healy, Jonathan Brown, Garry Lyon and Nick Riewoldt.Source: Supplied

With Healy hosting On the couch, the show has won awards almost every year and was last voted Best Television Program at the 2021 Australian Football Media Association Awards.

As an expert and champion of the game, Healy has had a major impact on the football dictionary. After coining “Pagan’s Paddock” in the late 1990s, he studied Hawthorn’s vision and its entrenched 18-man defense system in 2008, which he called “Clarko’s Cluster“.

And there was more, from ‘Weagles Web’ to ‘Orange Tsunami’ by GWS; Healy has been a leader in soccer terminology and analysis for two decades. It was On the couch There he presented these sentences for the first time, which were quickly adopted into everyday football language by other media and fans across the country.

“He was a great player, articulate, intelligent and the perfect guy for the job (as a host)” earlier On the couch Panelist Mike Sheahan said.

“This genre was new when Fox took it over and made it the station’s flagship show, and it was largely driven by Gerard.”

The original couch trio: Mike Sheahan, Gerard Healy and Robert Walls. Image: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia

Healy paid tribute to those with whom he has worked on more than 500 episodes.

“It has been a great privilege for me to work with so many talented people on The Couch and behind the camera in two decades that have changed the game more than ever before,” he said.

“From the very beginning it was exciting with Mike (Sheahan) and Wallsy (Robert Walls) every Monday to experience, recognize and explain the development of the game, to celebrate its many strengths, to address alleged weaknesses and to discuss the achievements of the great teams and of course the coaches and the thousands of players who threw the light on them on a Monday evening. ”

Fox Sports Executive Director Steve Crawley paid tribute to Healy and his couch Stay.

“Gerard Healy won a Brownlow Medal for his performance in the field, he’s just as wonderful in the studio and he gets that – he’s an even better guy,” said Crawley.


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