GBH Passport Selection for December


Are you looking for great shows to immerse yourself in this month? GBH Passport is the place to look. Below are some top picks from Ron Bachman, Senior Director of Programming, and Devin Karambelas, Programming Manager. GBH Passport is the member benefit that gives you expanded access to an on-demand library of high quality public television programming that includes current and past seasons of PBS and GBH shows – including drama, science, history and art. Check it out anytime on or in the PBS app.

American Experience: The Swamp

Stream now with GBH Passport on or in the PBS app until January 14th

If you haven’t seen this compelling documentation yet, you have a few weeks to catch up before The Swamp leaves GBH Passport. It tells the dramatic story of mankind’s attempts to conquer one of nature’s most mysterious and unique ecosystems – the Florida Everglades. In the 19th century, most Americans believed that swamps were pathogenic obstacles to the nation’s progress. Entrepreneurs, politicians and salespeople saw great potential in turning the vast wetland into a profitable business by draining it. But the change in the Everglades’ landscape sparked a spate of unintended consequences, from catastrophic floods to brutal droughts. Told through the lives of a handful of colorful and determined characters, from shopkeepers to politicians to eccentric activists. The swamp investigates repeated efforts to turn what was considered a vast and useless wasteland into an agricultural and urban paradise, which ultimately led to a passionate campaign to preserve America’s largest wetland. —Ron

Call the Midwife Vacation Offer

Streaming with GBH Passport on or the PBS app from December 25th

If you’re a fan of this long-running show (with at least three other seasons!) We have some real vacation treat for you. The pandemic hasn’t stopped the series’ intrepid cast and crew from producing their 10th annual Christmas special, and while little is known about the story as of this writing, we’ve learned so much: it takes place for Christmas 1966, and Miriam Margolyes – who was forced to interrupt the series due to pandemic travel restrictions – returns as mother Mildred. But the details don’t really matter. If you’ve read this far, you’ll see it, won’t you? —Ron

RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service)

Stream now with GBH Passport on or in the PBS app

Since this series is exclusive to GBH Passport, it may have passed you by. It’s a new Australian drama about the real Royal Flying Doctor Service, which has been providing emergency and basic medical care to people living in the vast and remote expanses of the Australian outback for 93 years. To ensure an accurate representation of the service, the creators spent a year visiting bases and clinics and interviewing doctors, nurses, pilots, and patients. Filming took place at RFDS base Broken Hill, where films like Mad Max 2 and Mission: Impossible II were filmed, in parallel with daily medical surgeries without interfering with work. The series was a hit when it debuted in Australia earlier this year, and now that you know about it, you can see what all the fuss is about! —Ron

Road food

Available with GBH Passport (date still open) in the PBS app and on the PBS Living Amazon Prime channel

The path to good food is paved with local dishes and colorful encounters in GBH’s latest lifestyle series. In 13 episodes, presenter and actor Misha Collins (of Supernatural Fame) meets the highways and byways of America, meeting local chefs, pit masters, bakers, cafe owners and other culinary artisans with a dish to share and a story to tell. The series is inspired by Jane and Michael Stern, the ten editions of their popular Road food Guide who helped put home cooking like mac and cheese and meatloaf on the culinary map. Collins picks up where the Sterns left off, one American regional specialty after another. Road food is broadcast on Saturdays at 1 p.m. on GBH 2 and is also streamed with GBH Passport on the PBS app and the PBS Living Amazon Prime channel. –Devin

Mary Berry’s country house for Christmas

Stream now with GBH Passport in the PBS app

When it comes to festive dining and entertainment, nobody is better than Dame Mary Berry, best known in this country as a former judge The great British baking show. In this sumptuous special, Mary visits the stately Harewood House in Yorkshire, where a small army of volunteers is preparing the house for Christmas. Traditions from the past and present collide as Mary puts together wreaths, bakes gingerbread and conjures up time-honored recipes like Yorkshire Pie and the medieval Twelfth Cake. It couldn’t be more festive (or British). —Devin

mary berry landhaus.jpg

Dickens Collection (Bleak House, Little Dorrit, Oliver Twist)

Streaming with GBH Passport in the PBS app from December 16

If this time of year gets you in the Dickens mood, you’ve come to the right place: Passport offers three high-profile adaptations of literary classics for your lavish pleasure. In Gloomy house (2005) acclaimed writer Andrew Davies brings to life one of Dickens’ most brilliant novels, in which Gillian Anderson plays the beautiful Lady Dedlock who keeps a dark secret. Three years later, Davies and Masterpiece returned with an award-winning production of Little Dorrit (2008) starring Claire Foy and Matthew Macfadyen in a story about rags, wealth and romance. And don’t miss Sophie Okonedo as Nancy in the five-part series Oliver Twist (2005) who breathed new, emotional life into the popular Dickens story. —Devin

Further selections for November 2021 and beyond can be found in the GBH Passport Highlights collection.

GBH Passport is an GBH membership benefit that gives you expanded access to an on-demand library of high quality public television programming. GBH Passport features current and past seasons of stationery and GBH shows – including drama, science, history, and art. Check it out anytime on or in the PBS app.


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