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The array cables for the Dutch
Fryslân wind farm The project has been installed and tests are being carried out to ensure that they are operational. The cables connect the wind turbines to the nearby Breezanddijk transformer station for integration into the grid. Fryslân wind farm consists of 89 Siemens Gamsea SWT-DD-130Wind turbines and will be built in the IJsselmeer near Breezanddijk and will be the world’s largest inland water wind farm. When full operation is reached this year, the wind farm is expected to generate around 1.5 terawatt hours (1,500,000 megawatt hours) of electricity annually, enough green electricity to supply around 500,000 households with electricity.

The project is being built by the Zuiderzeewind contractor consortium, which consists of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Van Oord Offshore Wind. Once the project is built, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will be responsible for its maintenance and management for 16 years.

Due to the shallows in the IJsselmeer and the width of the locks, it is not possible to work with standard offshore wind devices. For this purpose, Van Oord built a unique working platform the size of half a football field, the so-called “Sarens Soccer Pitch”. On this work platform there is a large crane that is used to install the foundations.

The wind turbines are currently being installed in a hexagonal “cluster” in the IJsselmeer. This shape ensures that the wind turbines restrict the view of the horizon as little as possible.

In addition to the 89 wind turbines in Breezanddijk, the Fryslân wind farm consists of a newly built nature island in Kornwerderzand and a special transformer station in Breezanddijk, which will be open to the public from next summer.

Eneco has signed a 15-year PPA for the wind farm with 1,500 GWh / year. In their contract, Eneco and Windpark Fryslân agreed that large energy consumers in the province of Fryslân also have the option of obtaining sustainable energy from the wind farm.

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