Five things you should know about the UFO report


The highly anticipated U.S. intelligence report on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) released on Friday has increased demands for increased research into UFOs and possible signs of extraterrestrial life.

The report, published by The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) said the US government has encountered 144 UFOs – or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) as the government calls them – since 2004, almost all of which remain a mystery.

The nine-page study was originally carried out as part of a provision in the coronavirus aid package of the former. commissioned President TrumpDonald TrumpAOC said she doubted Biden’s victory would have been certified if the GOP had controlled the arrangement drafted by Trump’s aides to invoke the Insurrection Act during the Floyd protests: Report on Night Defense: Intel Releases Highly Anticipated UFO Report | Biden meets with the Afghan President | Conservatives attack Milley MORE last year following a push by lawmakers interested in investigating an increase in UFO sightings by US military planes.

While the report provides insight into ongoing studies on UFOs by a federal working group, the results have raised even more questions and speculation about possible explanations for the sightings.

The vast majority of UFO cases remain unsolved

The Office of Naval Intelligence’s UFO task force said in the report that while it was able to identify any of the 140+ objects with “high confidence,” the vast majority of encounters reported remained puzzling.

The task force said the one identified object was “a large, deflating balloon,” but listed several possible explanations for the other objects, including air disruptors such as birds and “unmanned recreational vehicles (UAV)” as well as natural atmospheric phenomena such as ice crystals and ” thermal fluctuations that can register with some infrared and radar systems ”.

The report also listed among possible explanations “Developments and Classified Programs of US Companies” as well as possible technologies used by Russia, China or other countries.

Intelligence officials said they grouped other UAPs into a category called “Miscellaneous” to mark objects that “require additional scientific knowledge in order to successfully collect, analyze and characterize some of them”.

Stop shutting out extraterrestrial life

While the report offers a number of possible explanations for the sightings, it does not specifically mention or exclude the possibility of extraterrestrial life, a phenomenon that has long piqued public interest and with more research into UFO sightings, it has attracted increasing attention.

The report found that UAP reportedly exhibited abnormal flight characteristics in a “limited number of incidents”, although it acknowledged that the “observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing or observer misperception and require additional rigorous analysis”.

The task force also identified some patterns in the UAP observations, including similarities in “shape, size, and especially propulsion,” as well as the fact that some UAP sightings “tended toward US training and proving grounds,” which they “can get out of one systematic detection based on concentrated attention, a larger number of the latest generation of sensors used in these areas, the expectations of the units and the instructions for reporting anomalies. “

While the ODNI did not specifically mention the possibility of off-earth life, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark WarnerMark Robert WarnerOvernight Defense: Intel Releases Highly Anticipated UFO Report | Biden meets with the Afghan President | Conservatives Beat Milley US Intelligence Report Confirms 140+ UFO Sightings The Hill’s 12:30 PM Report – Presented by Facebook – Biden Helps Negotiate Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal MORE (D-Va.) Said Friday that the report “marks the beginning of efforts to understand and shed light on what is causing these risks to aviation in many areas of the country and the world”.

Raise the specter of advanced technology from China, Russia

One possible explanation mentioned in the report was that the unidentified objects could be advanced technologies developed by adversaries like China or Russia.

The theory has attracted increased attention lately as both China and Russia have made significant investments in hypersonic technology, suggesting that their military technology may have gone well beyond the capabilities of the US

Friday’s report found that a handful of the reported UAPs “demonstrate advanced technology,” including appearances of “remaining stationary in high winds, moving upwind, maneuvering abruptly, or moving at considerable speeds with no apparent apparent.” To move drive means “.

The report also states that the federal working group has some data that appears to show that “UAP is showing acceleration or some degree of signature management,” with military aircraft systems processing radio frequency energy associated with UAP sightings in a small number of cases connected is.

However, the ODNI noted that there was insufficient data to suggest that UAPs are part of a foreign collection program or to indicate a significant technological advance by a potential adversary.

Objects could pose a threat to national security and the safety of pilots

The possibility that foreign opponents are behind the UAP also brings with it potential threats to national security, the ODNI noted in its report on Friday.

The document made explicit reference to the possibility of security threats in the airspace, with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force 11 reporting “documented cases of pilots reporting near-misses using a UAP”.

“Depending on the location, extent and behavior of threats in the event of attacks on shooting ranges, pilots can stop their tests and / or training and land their aircraft, which has a deterrent effect on reporting,” the report says.

With limited data available on the details of the UAP being observed, the ODNI said that given the counterintelligence challenges involved, it would continue to search for evidence of such programs, particularly as some UAPs were discovered near military facilities or by airplanes that are carried along with the most advanced sensor systems from the USG. “

Future sightings will rely on more data and resources

Intelligence officials said the ability to detect and investigate future sightings will largely depend on the level of investment in ongoing research that would “allow for a more sophisticated analysis of UAP that is likely to deepen our understanding.”

The agency said the long-term goal of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) is to “expand the scope of its work to include additional UAP events identified by a wider range of USG personnel and engineering systems in its analysis were documented “.

“As the dataset grows, the UAPTF’s ability to use data analytics to identify trends will improve,” the report said.

The UAP task force founded last year is to develop algorithms for artificial intelligence and machine learning “to group and recognize similarities and patterns in the characteristics of the data points”, even if the UAP corresponds to properties of known air objects such as “weather” balloons, Heights or High pressure balloons and wildlife, ”the report says.

While intelligence found that most of the current UFO data came from US Navy reporting, the UAP task force is trying to “standardize incident reporting to the US military and other government agencies to ensure that all relevant Data related to specific incidents and all US activities that may be relevant. “


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