Everything you need to know about measurable data tokens


MDT is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized data exchange marketplace.
The MDT coin is a standard ERC-20 token that facilitates the economy of the MDT ecosystem. It denotes the value of Big Data and acts as a utility mechanism in the ecosystem.


MDT is issued by Measurable Foundation Ltd, a limited liability company registered in Singapore, and is authorized and registered by Singapore.

The Accounting and Business Regulatory Authority is responsible for Accounting and Business Regulation (ACRA). The Measurable Foundation will devote its resources to research, development and governance to create and support the MDT ecosystem.

MDT is a utility token that has no intrinsic value outside of the MDT ecosystem. Since MDT is not a security token, this white paper is not applicable.

MDT I does not grant you any rights whatsoever in relation to the Company or its revenues or assets, including but not limited to voting rights, distribution, redemption, liquidation, ownership (including any form of intellectual property) or any other financial or legal rights; (ii) shall not be deemed a loan to the Company; and (iii) grant you no ownership or other interest in the Company.

The Measurable Foundation warns that buying tokens poses a very significant risk to any active participant. Only individuals with a thorough technical knowledge and understanding of the specific network and associated deployed tokens should engage in this activity.

Measurable Foundation Ltd, its partners, team, directors, agents, joint ventures, employees and suppliers accept no liability or responsibility for any loss arising out of or related to the use of the MDT ecosystem or any technical, interruption or malfunction of the platform .
A decentralized data exchange economy

A new data sharing ecosystem

The age of data exchange without a user agreement is over. The new ecology is decentralized, impartial and mutually beneficial. They need a new data exchange platform and entity to change this unfair and inefficient trading mechanism.

The first step towards realizing this vision is the introduction of the Measurable Data Token (MDT), a new token for data exchange.

Measurable Data Token (MDT) connects users, data providers and data buyers while denoting the data value. It pays users for contributing anonymous data points while enabling a more efficient trading model for data buyers and providers.

What is a measurable data token?


The MDT is a distributed computing platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, with smart contracts securely recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. In this modern economy, it denotes the value of data.
Sharing data is no longer a superfluous habit in this new environment; Users are compensated with MDT for the actual pieces of data delivered. Users will be more inclined to engage in this endeavor if each data exchange is made clear to all parties involved.

Buyers, on the other hand, benefit from a more efficient exchange mechanism where all transactions are strictly enforced through cryptographically secure smart contracts. Previously, buyers in traditional closed data exchanges were at risk of buying inaccurate or incorrect data because there was no way to validate it. Buyers in this new open model also participate in the validation process of each transaction to ensure a more trusted and risk-free transaction.

token technology

Measurable Data Currency (MDT) is an Ethereum-based token that is the key component of this new data exchange ecosystem. Data providers, data buyers and the MDT platform create smart contracts, which are programs recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Using cryptographically secure token contracts helps with contract enforcement. To accurately describe MDT ecosystem technology, the following definitions are provided for all entities:

SDK for measurable data

An open-source and free SDK (Software Development Kit): provided by the MDT ecosystem for use by data providers and developers. The SDK includes a wallet address that allows users to manage their reward earnings from the MDT ecosystem.

Data provider:

An entity that can collect user data and use the MDT ecosystem to share data and reward users.


End users who choose the MDT environment and share their anonymous, non-identifiable data are rewarded by the MDT ecosystem.

Data Buyer:

During the exchange, the organization that acquires the right to use the data points is referred to as the data buyer. It could mean gaining access to a database or getting a big data report from a data provider. Purchasing data in the MDT ecosystem now does not imply purchasing data ownership.

Measurable data point:

Each data point accessed in the transaction has been confirmed to have economic value in the MDT ecosystem.

Measurable platform:

A decentralized data exchange platform with smart contract technology at the heart of all transactions.

The Measurable Platform is initially managed by the MDT Foundation and charges calculation fees for each transaction; However, it will ultimately be based solely on smart contract technology.

Ecosystem Progress Report

As of March 2020, the MDT ecosystem had released two products:
“Data Provider (Debut 2019)” – Measurable AI, a business-centric data analytics platform that transforms anonymous data into intelligent insights.
“MDT Wallet (launched 2019)”

– MyMDT Data Wallet Dapp, a user-centric data wallet that compensates users for sharing anonymous data.
Both applications have been released and the MDT token is required to enable data sharing across the ecosystem.

The MDT Foundation

Measurable Data Token has followed in the footsteps of Litecoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies by establishing a non-profit corporation (Public Company Limited by Guarantee) in Singapore to issue, develop and promote MDT. The Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority has approved and registered

MDT’s Singapore Foundation (ACRA).


The MDT Foundation strives to be an autonomous and democratic governance organization for an open and decentralized ecosystem. The main mission of the MDT Foundation is to support ecosystem partners and provide the technology needed to ensure the long-term development of the platform. In order to fulfill the mission, the Foundation is responsible for the following:

Monitoring and supporting decisions about ecosystem partners

– Promote research into innovative methods to improve technology and governance in the ecosystem.
– Funding and support to develop more open source code bases for a more sustainable ecosystem
It is inevitable that the foundation will be replaced by more complex and inventive methods of governance in the future.

The Measurable Foundation will invest in research, development and governance. Funds received will initially be used to support the development of technologies that help the ecosystem build, grow and create long-term value.

MDT and Ethereum

Ethereum is an open source, public blockchain-based computing platform with smart contract capability that enables online contractual agreements. It offers a decentralized Turing-full virtual machine that allows end users to create smart contracts for transactions. Wikimedia Commons, 2017.

The promise of such a system is that it allows money and assets to be exchanged faster and cheaper than relying on a long chain of intermediaries, according to the New York Times in 2016.

We believe that Ethereum will become a ubiquitous technology that not only helps the blockchain industry but also permeates many aspects of life.
MDT is deployed on the Ethereum public blockchain, which is an industry standard for creating digital assets and smart contracts.

Since 2011, the goal of the MDT team has been to create an open platform. Talkbox, their first project, is the first voice messenger software with 13 million users. This feature was later adopted by major software companies and is currently available in most messaging platforms.

Price prediction for measurable data tokens in 2022

The coin has shown fantastic performance to investors since its launch and it will be interesting to see how the token has peaked and how rapidly it is currently expanding. While making this post, we can see that the coin started to increase since the previous day and now it has gone from $0.1245 to $0.1341 in a single day. Under the current circumstances, the token could be worth around $0.21244249599 by the end of 2022.

MDT Price Prediction 2023

Here is another prediction for all traders and perhaps investors should look for some essential facts before making a payment in the cryptocurrency market such as: B. how the company or token works and what the all-time high price of the coin was. According to sources, the price could reach above USD 0.22228700069 by the end of 2023. This is not a confirmed MDT price prediction, but it could represent the coin’s predicted price.

Is Metric Data Token a scam or a legit token?

We do not believe the token contains any form of rug pull or fraud as it has been around for a long time and it does not appear that the coin’s team is producing a rug pull into the token.

At the same time, the token has attracted many traders and investors who believe that the token will have better returns in the next few years.

Where can you buy measurable data tokens?

The specialists use some of the most popular trading platforms in the world, which is one of the most notable platforms in the world and you should probably check out the list here.

What is the future potential of the measurable data token?

The future potential of MDT tokens is very large, but we do not advise relying on our Measurable Data Token Price Prediction. These projections are based on the future potential and technical specifications of the project.


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