European post-production house chooses Infortrend scale-out NAS for performance, efficient management and storage flexibility


TAIPEI, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), an industry leader in enterprise storage, helped optimize the post-production NAS storage capacity of a creative production company in Europe with EonStor CS scale-out NAS. Infortrend’s NAS solution maximizes storage capacity, simplifies management, and provides flexible storage expansion to boost post-production productivity.

A creative post production house in Europe who specialize in creative commercials, post-production editing and animation as their unique touch, have storage issues that need solving. They were the Winner of the world’s most renowned international advertising awards, the Clio Awards, and to have a customer list with world-renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Riot Games, etc. However, the exploding data volumes have left them with storage performance and capacity problems.

The studio uses three NAS storage systems for special effects and non-linear editing, as well as file sharing, backup and archiving. Their main challenge is that data is stored in three independent volumes, making efficient use of storage capacity difficult and requiring manual maintenance to organize data on respective NAS systems. Therefore, the customer would like to replace their storage system with a single-volume solution in order to save administration effort and at the same time offer dynamic expandability.

To meet their needs, Infortrend offered five of their EonStor CS3024 scale-out NAS solutions. Scale-out, multi-node NAS architecture offers a single volume for easy management and expansion. The system can be further expanded by scaling up to 144 nodes and scaling up to 84 disks per node, bringing about 100PB of storage capacity to sustain the ever-growing projects.

The outstanding performance of the EonStor CS3024 is HDD-based and cost-effective for 4K In video editing, the 5-node cluster can support up to 34 layers of simultaneous playback without stuttering. With four SSDs built into each node as cache, it offers lower latency and boosts read/write performance. In addition, the solution offers a complete data protection design including RAID and Erasure code to avoid data loss due to disk or node failure.

“EonStor CS, with its performance, flexible expandability, and multitude of data protection mechanisms, has everything a post-production house needs to create and edit with ease,” he says frank leeSenior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.

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