Dubai Customs Maritime Customs Centers management conducts 61,852 inspections in Q1 2022


Sea Customs Center Management, one of Dubai’s customs departments, conducted 61,852 inspections and 120 seizures in the first quarter of 2022. In 2021, management conducted 150,541 inspections and 248 seizures.

“We have upgraded and developed our inspection systems at our customs centers to achieve the best results in countering attempts at smuggling of prohibited goods,” said Rashid Al-Suwaidi, acting director of management at sea customs centers.

“Management has shown remarkable success in preventing these goods from entering the country, increasing the preparedness of affiliated centers and enhancing their capabilities thanks to the efforts of customs inspectors who are always vigilant.”

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He pointed out that the smart scanning systems developed by Dubai Customs, particularly the advanced container inspection system, have achieved great success in identifying suspicious shipments.

The plant has a capacity of 900 containers per hour. It alerts inspectors to the possibility of risks in suspicious shipments by clarifying the density of the materials being transported in the containers. The inspection is assisted by the Sniffer Dog Unit (K9).

Al-Suwaidi added; “Our inspectors participate in advanced workshops and programs to learn about the latest inspection methods and techniques and effectively contain any smuggling attempts by relying on the most advanced AI technologies.”

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