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By working with Duality, we are able to leverage the data across our extended customer and partner networks to open new lines of business across a variety of industries – all for the benefit of our customers, without violating their privacy or rights.

Duality Technologies, the leader in privacy-enforced collaboration, and NTT DATA, a global leader in digital business and IT services, announced today that they have worked together to evaluate the use of sensitive data from multiple sources while protecting to ensure privacy. NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel supported the engagement to complete the successful evaluation process.

NTT DATA sought Duality’s platform to support two enterprise-wide initiatives that would allow them to enrich the overall experience of their customers and partners by enabling secure data collaboration across datasets from multiple sources. The first initiative focused on the secure analysis of highly sensitive and tightly regulated healthcare data across multiple institutions that would allow NTT DATA scientists to analyze and learn from previously inaccessible data to make recommendations for personalized healthcare plans.

“By working with Duality, we are able to leverage the data across our extended customer and partner networks to open new lines of business across a wide range of industries – all for the benefit of our customers without violating their privacy or rights. ” Commented, Hiroyuki Yamanaka, NTT, Manager, Data Secure Team

The second initiative aimed to use telecommunications data from different mobile GPS devices to compare millions of data points from multiple data sources – while preserving user information and location privacy. This insight into users’ geolocation data helps NTT DATA scientists analyze and create patterns that help them predict peak usage times, people’s trajectories, and transportation needs that serve to optimize user experience, transportation efficiency, and more .

“As the value of data continues to increase in our digital world, combining data from multiple sources has exponential value,” said Alon Kaufman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Duality. “NTT DATA is a true thought leader and a laudable example of how companies can transform the customer experience by leveraging data collaboration best practices that better predict their needs.”

One-size-fits-all approaches to data encryption and data sharing must evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s global enterprise. Traditionally, organizations have not been able to share data from multiple sources in a single repository due to data sensitivity. Duality enables organizations to securely learn from their own data as well as that of their collaborative partners, and provides a framework for the unique ways in which organizations collect, use and most importantly benefit from shared data – making them a one-stop shop for Security makes data collaboration that leverages expert knowledge, unmatched techniques and advanced methods.

Kaufman added, “Enterprise organizations are no longer constrained by regulations or the inability to combine data sources from multiple contributors. Advances in PET have dramatically changed the landscape of data collaboration.”

For more information on these two innovation initiatives, see the case studies.


Duality is a leader in privacy-friendly collaboration, empowering organizations worldwide to maximize the value of their data without compromising privacy or regulatory compliance. Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists, Duality leads and operationalizes privacy enhancement technologies (PETs) to accelerate data insights by enabling analytics and AI on encrypted data while maintaining privacy, compliance and the protection of valuable intellectual property. Duality, a Gartner Cool Vendor, was recently named a Tech Pioneer 2021 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and listed in Fast Company’s 2020 Most Innovative Companies.

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