Digital Future Smart connects everything 2021 World Internet of Things Exposition officially opened in Wuxi


On October 23, the World Exhibition for the Internet of Things 2021 (hereinafter referred to as “WIOT 2021”) was officially opened. The elites of the global Internet of Things industry came together in Wuxi to exchange and discuss information on the cutting-edge technology, scope and future trends of the IoT in order to help Wuxi to accurately grasp the development trends of the IoT industry, improve the IoT industry and optimize ecology and promote the collaborative innovation development of the global IoT industry.

2021 WIOT site (Photo by Hu Xiao)

2021 WIOT is hosted by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province and the People’s Government of Wuxi City and supported by ITU (International Telecommunication Union), IAPR (International Association of Pattern Recognition), CCID, China Academy of Information and Communication Research, China Academy of Industrial Internet, China Computer Federation, Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Big Data and Intelligent Computing Industry Alliance, China Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China Telecom Group Co., Ltd, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd, China Unicom Group Co., Ltd, China Tower Co., Ltd, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, JD Group, ZTE Co., Ltd, Inspur Group Co., Ltd, Haier Group, Vision Technology Group, etc. Ltd, Haier Group, Envision Group and other organizations and units.

In the manufacturing industry, the Internet of Things, as a new information infrastructure, has already proven to be instrumental in supporting digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integration innovations.

In recent years, since seizing the opportunities of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, Jiangsu has established the Wuxi National Sensor Network Innovation Demonstration Zone as an important tool for promoting the development of the Internet of Things, and achieved remarkable results. Wuxi was the starting point for the IoT industry, with Suzhou and Nanjing providing support and covering the entire province. Wuxi is the only national sensor network innovation demonstration zone in China and the birthplace of the IoT in China. Since 2009, the development of the IoT industry has reached convergence, with more than 3,000 IoT companies and production value of more than 300 billion yuan, and the Wuxi IoT industrial cluster has been successfully selected as one of the first national advanced manufacturing clusters.

20 projects signed at the summit (photo by Hu Xiao)

On the summit site, 20 projects were successfully signed in concentrated form, including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, integrated circuits, advanced manufacturing, industrial Internet, deep-sea equipment and other areas that effectively promoted the transformation and modernization of industry and led to the development of strategic emerging industries and improving the quality and efficiency of industrial development and competitiveness at its core.

Kunlin, Wang Zhijun, Hu Guangjie, Wu Hequan and Du Xiaogang are jointly launching the IOT 2021 (photo by Lu Runqing)

Video speeches were also given by Wu Hequan, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Josef Kittler, member of the Royal Academy of Engineering and winner of the highest international award for pattern recognition, Mr. Meng Park, Chairman of Qualcomm China, Zhou Jiong, Vice President of Jingdong Group, and Zhang Lei, CEO of the Visionary Technology Group, at the conference.

It is reported that WIOT 2021 will focus more on digitization, specialization and industrialization in 2021, and will pay more attention to experience, participation and acquisition so that the Internet of Things will promote production for the betterment of people. In this sixth year of WIOT, Wuxi will take the opportunity to vigorously advance the development of a new generation of information technology powered by the Internet of Things and to bring strong energy to the high quality development of the city.

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