Developer Ready Clouds for VMware Cloud Provider Partners: Announcement of the GA of the Tanzu Standard Edition


VMware Tanzu Standard Edition will be generally available to VMware Cloud Provider Partners starting November 25, 2021. Given the rapid global growth in cloud-native developers and the need of DevSecOps / developers for a simplified and on-demand container infrastructure in multi-cloud environments, companies are looking for cloud providers for Kubernetes managed service offerings that support multi-cloud Include clouds. Tanzu Standard, integrated with VMware Cloud Director is the solution with which cloud providers can offer multi-tenant managed Kubernetes as-a-Service (KaaS) in multi-cloud environments. By exceeding the vSphere On-Premise offering of Tanzu Basic Edition and combining features in Tanzu Mission Control for MSP, both announced earlier this year, Tanzu Standard for Cloud Providers is taking our vision of the Developer Ready Cloud to the next Stage by providing managed services for creating Kubernetes (K8s) clusters and managing CNCF-compliant K8s clusters across clouds.

With Tanzu Standard on VCD, cloud providers have the choice of activating Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, VMware’s Kubernetes distribution, as an integrated service on vSphere or deploying it in multiple public clouds. You also have the option of attaching CNCF-compliant K8s clusters that are provided in other clouds and managing them centrally, just like with Tanzu Mission Control.

Which K8s managed services can cloud providers offer with Tanzu Standard?

The functions of the Tanzu Standard Edition are now supported by VMware Cloud Director 10.2 for multi-tenant, multi-cloud and multi-team environments. The following K8s Managed Services are possible:

  • Services for creating the K8s cluster:

    • Creation of K8s clusters

    • VMware storage service for developer environment

    • Content library of the Kubernetes versions

    • Full stack network service on K8s cluster and load balancing (NSX ALB Basic), NAT capability, etc.

    • Antrea Container Networking Interface (CNI) plug-in (standard)

    • Lifecycle Management Services with Cluster API

  • Services for the K8s cluster operation:

    • Attachment and management of CNCF-compliant K8s clusters

    • Centralized access and policy management

    • vSphere Pod Service
    • Image Registry Service via Harbor for version management in container environments

    • Observability of the cluster and workload status using fluent bit. Prometheus and Grafana support platform monitoring.

    • Administration with vCenter

    • Back up and restore clusters and namespaces; Backup planning

    • System and event audits, cluster compliance testing

    • Download and install open source-facing packages for observability with fluent bit and image registration with the Harbor and Calico CNI plug-in.

How do you deploy Tanzu Standard for multi-tenancy and multi-cloud experience?

While Tanzu Basic offers expanded multi-tenancy for vSphere 6.7u3 + environments with VMware Cloud Director (VCD), Tanzu Standard extends the creation of K8s clusters with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid runtime to other clouds.

Once the clusters have been created with Tanzu Standard using VCD or on vSphere, Tanzu Mission Control can attach to these clusters or to other CNCF-compliant K8s clusters and allow the cloud provider to provide additional self-service access to these clusters offer what increases operational size, governance, consistency and efficiency for Kubernetes operations.

How does Tanzu Standard improve the Developer Ready offerings from cloud providers?

In addition to the Developer Ready Cloud benefits already outlined with the Tanzu Basic and Tanzu Mission Control announcement in terms of creating and managing K8s clusters and improving developer speed with Bitnami, cloud providers can now do it on multi-cloud DevOps / Expand developer experience.

In addition, Tanzu Standard offers additional monitoring and observability functions based on open source-oriented components, backup and recovery functions as well as audit and compliance functions that really improve cloud-native application development and workloads in multi-cloud. With the Tanzu Standard Edition and VCD support, cloud providers are future-proof for additional services made possible by the Tanzu Advanced Edition and other products in the Tanzu portfolio.

How can cloud providers license and order the Tanzu Standard Edition?

Tanzu Standard for cloud providers is available as a usage model with a runtime license and requires a cloud provider appointment contract. Please work with your aggregator to enter into a term agreement that is required to license Tanzu Standard. As soon as cloud providers sign a single TLSS (Term License Subscription Software) contract that covers all subscription products with a term license (non-SaaS) from VMware. Tanzu Standard can be ordered via the one-time order process in the VMware Commerce Portal. Tanzu Standard for Cloud Providers is available as a Flex Core add-on (pricing based on the vRAM metric).

More information on Tanzu Standard Edition cloud providers

Here are the additional learning and training resources available to you for the Tanzu Standard Edition and the entire VMware Tanzu portfolio:

Tanzu Standard Edition resources:

If you have any questions, please contact your VMware contacts.

We are pleased that Tanzu Standard is adding K8’s managed service offerings for our cloud provider partners and the future innovation opportunities that we can bring to their portfolios. We will continue to post new technical and product information on our VMware Cloud Provider Blogs. Join us by joining the blog directly from the Rss feed, At Facebook, LinkedIn and further Twitter, and visit our Youtube channel even.

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