DENR gets tough on LGUs who can’t get the trash out properly – Cimatu – Manila Bulletin



Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Minister Roy Cimatu has warned local government units (LGUs) not to neglect proper waste disposal in the absence of open landfills.

(Photo by DENR)

Cimatu called after DENR received reports that some LGUs were breaking the law when disposing of their garbage.

“We noticed that after the illegal landfills were closed, there are LGUs that are not properly disposing of their solid waste,” he said, noting that some of the garbage was not collected.

“We warn these LGUs to seriously manage their waste. Otherwise you will have to face the consequences [for] violate Republic Act (RA) 9003, ”added Cimatu, referring to the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Section 10 of the two decades old law states that the collection of residual materials and hazardous waste is the responsibility of the municipality or city.

The separation and collection of solid waste takes place at the barangay level. Sort the waste by type – biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

One of the DENR’s greatest achievements that year was the closure of all 335 illegally operated open landfills in the country. The closure of the landfill was led by Benny Antiporda, State Secretary for Waste Management and LGU Concerns.

Antiporda reiterated Cimatu’s warning, saying that DENR will not tolerate negligence in solid waste disposal and will not hesitate to call faulty LGUs.

If anything, the landfill closings presented LGUs with a major challenge on how to take out the garbage, so to speak.

If an LGU does not have a facility for the final storage of its residual waste, it is obliged, as required in the LGU’s 10-year waste management plan, to set up a residual waste disposal system as part of the planning for the establishment of its residual waste bin (sanitary landfill).

If the LGU is unable to set up its own SLF, it is encouraged to join forces with neighboring LGUs to create a clustered SLF.





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