Data Management Company Chordant will be Data Dive in London


Chordant announced today that it was an industry partner in the London Data Dive 2021 event, hosted by the Center for Urban Science and Progress London (CUSP) at King’s College London.

Chordant’s mobility data exchange, Convex, enables authorities to integrate dynamic data to enable exchange between organizations and systems. Convex sits at the interface between connected and autonomous vehicles, intelligent transport infrastructure, digitized freight transport, and logistics and mobility-based services, and works with various parts of the mobility ecosystem to enable data-driven solutions and services that help ensure traffic is safer , cleaner and better.

The CUSP London Data Dive of King’s College London brings together researchers, companies, local authorities and government agencies to apply urban research in an intensive collaboration. By bringing together students from multiple universities, including New York University, the University of Warwickand University College London as well as a wide range of LondonThe aim of the dive was to examine how data can improve our understanding and to help find practical solutions to challenges that affect problems in the real world.

“Chordant was very excited to support CUSP’s London Data Dive as an industry partner. I believe that the Convex platform, which enables the research and discovery of solutions that will change the future of urban mobility, helped the students learn and develop new ideas, ”said Chordant President Mika Rasinkangas. “I am delighted that the team that used data through our data exchange platform ultimately won the best technical award.”

The CUSP London Data Dive is an annual event where teams of students tackle an exciting challenge for analyzing city data for a week. The 2021 Data Dive took place between 3pm and 3pmth – 19thth March with the theme ‘the future of urban mobility‘and focused on rail travel, micromobility and active travel within London. Students were given access to the Convex platform to answer questions asked by CUSP. The questions considered by the participants included:

  • What potential do micromobility and e-bikes have to change urban mobility in UK cities?
  • What are the best ways to improve air quality in London due to changes in transport?
  • How is the use of micromobility changing over time and in different UK cities?

“The partnerships that CUSP London has with other organizations are critical to our training and research on the practicalities of using data analytics to understand and improve cities. Chordant was a welcome partner for our 2021 Data Dive, where thanks to their platform, our participants could easily access mobility data sets that were otherwise not available to us, which made the analysis possible. “- – Simon Miles (Director, CUSP London)

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