Construction work on the Amazon Conklin distribution center is now in progress


The development activities for the future Amazon sales location in the Broome Corporate Park in the city of Conklin are continuing.

Construction crews have been busy on Carlin Road for the past few weeks.

Amazon rents nearly 66,000 square feet in the former Matthew Bender distribution center, which employed more than 100 people on the site before it closed.

The district and town planning authorities approved the project last spring. The facility would only use part of an existing large warehouse structure at the site.

Mayor William Dumian said Amazon was “moving fast” preparing for the distribution center.

Dumian said Amazon originally stated that it would aim for a completion date for the project in mid-November. No company employees could be reached for information about when the plant is expected to be commissioned.

Amazon has posted jobs online for the Conklin site, including operations managers and support engineers. It is not known exactly how many people will be hired for the distribution center.

An Amazon distribution center is to be built in this city of the Conklin warehouse. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

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