Comcast Grants for Small Business Owned by Colored People



Comcast has also awarded more than $ 2 million to organizations such as the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, various chambers of commerce, and 20 community-based organizations in eligible cities to help promote the grant opportunity. These groups will also help the company provide training and mentoring.

Connie E. Evans, President and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, said the data is clear.

“Color business owners have historically been disadvantaged in access to capital,” she said. “Investing in these small businesses is now more important than ever, especially in markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Philadelphia, which are having a significant economic impact from the pandemic.”

Over the past year, companies affected by restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading have had to navigate a patchwork of federal, state and private programs in the absence of a national plan.

Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill providing $ 145 million for troubled businesses. The money will be distributed to bars, restaurants and hotels in the form of grants of up to $ 50,000. Still, that money won’t be enough to help all 30,000 hospitality companies, and mom and pop stores will compete with others with up to 300 employees on their payroll.

It’s a story that has repeated itself with every round of help.



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