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ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2022 / The DeepSquare project is building an interoperability layer that allows anyone to request professional computing resources anywhere in the world. This is the web used as it should be: borderless and independent of actors, empowering the professional cloud with a decentralized infrastructure. The ecosystem consists of all stakeholders: developers, artists, token holders, end users, application and service providers. The main goal of this project is to have fair and transparent prices in its marketplace as well as the underlying computing resources to open the once exclusive world to innovators from all parts of the world.

The vision of the DeepSquare project is to strengthen the professional cloud with the decentralized, interoperable, heterogeneous DeepSquare network in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way

Cluster Factory is the latest addition to DeepSquare’s arsenal. Cluster Factory is a hybrid multi-cloud HPC infrastructure orchestration software stack. This software stack automates the process of deploying, managing, and monitoring workload-optimized clusters. Cluster Factory is based on established open source technologies such as Kubernetes, Slurm and xCAT. Cluster Factory allows users to manage their infrastructure in a simple and intuitive way.

Cluster Factory offers a comprehensive HPC stack including MPI, Slurm, DFS and is a turnkey solution. This state-of-the-art solution enables companies to deploy and scale the infrastructure layer in a cloud-agnostic and unified manner. Cluster Factory is a hardware-independent solution. Also managed by Cluster Factory, DeepSquare allows users to join the grin and take advantage of their free computing resources. It also sets the infrastructure compatibility level within the DeepSquare Grid. Highly configurable solution, GitOps ready, open source core make Cluster Factory better than its competitors.

Cluster Factory allows users to manage their infrastructure in a simple and intuitive way and with reduced operational costs.

The DeepSquare project is poised to disrupt the cloud industry and challenge the status quo by turning everything upside down. It builds a professional, decentralized and sustainable cloud computing ecosystem. The DeepSquare promotes transparency and works in a decentralized and open network that revolves around a blockchain computing protocol. The DeepSquare Project is a community-led project that focuses on the active participation of the community in streaming the decision-making process with a system based on a community-owned smart contract protocol

The mission of the DeepSquare project is to support innovation in Europe and beyond and offer a real alternative to the hyperscalers by providing best-in-class decentralized, responsible, sustainable and managed High-Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem.

The DeepSquare project is an initiative of the DeepSquare Association, Switzerland. The DeepSquare Association is the founder and holds the initial governance of the DeepSquare token. The purpose of the association is to offer goods and services in the areas of information and communication technologies, software, hardware and related consulting services.

Launch and open sourcing of the Cluster Factory are scheduled for June 15, 2022.

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