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Leading Asian content provider CJ ENM has significantly expanded its national language script series production pipeline in Hong Kong with the launch of four script series for a global streaming audience.
Three of the programs were supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) to produce what the provider says was streamed first premium script series for a global audience by marrying Korean, Singaporean and regional talent. This collaboration was first announced a year ago as part of the Capability Partnership Program.

The new announcement follows CJ ENM HK, who is co-producing a high-profile Mandarin series, Mom, Don’t Do That! with Taiwanese partner, the production house Butt Mountain.

The first three series are developed and created together with Singaporean production partners and each project is managed by its own production team. CJ ENM HK will also bring a team of Korean producers on board as creative consultants for each series.

Hungry Souls (Zhao Wei Films) is a five-part Mandarin miniseries about the improbable, forbidden love story between a young cook and a hungry ghost. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant and culturally iconic Hungry Ghost Festival, it looks back on triad activity in Singapore in the 1970s.

Venus On Mars (Mocha Chai Laboratories) is a six-part high-concept science fiction romantic comedy series about the student Julia who is accidentally placed in a parallel world in which there are only men – M-Earth. ‘In this new world where she is the only woman, Julia reevaluates her own thoughts on feminism, gender equality, life and love.

Deep End (Akanga Film Asia) is a psychological thriller about online cybercrime in Asia. In this series, the viewer enters a world where technology is both liberating and dangerous, a tool where information and images are manipulated, and a place where alarming ideologies manifest themselves.

All three series will be finished in the second half of 2021 and production will start. CJ ENM HK will distribute these series worldwide.

“2021 is a year for us here at CJ ENM HK to expand our local language productions for the global streaming audience. In addition to our existing production facility in Thailand, we also want to produce more high-quality script content in Mandarin and Bahasa, ”said Michael Jung, Managing Director, CJ ENM Hong Kong. “We are grateful for the visionary approach and support from IMDA in helping us build our relationships with 3 of the best local manufacturing houses in Singapore. We are looking for further high-quality content together with good partners and makers. “

“I’m incredibly excited to be working with CJ ENM on its world-class streaming first titles – Hungry Souls, Venus on Mars and Deep End – for a global audience,” added June Koh, Cluster Director, Media Industry, IMDA. “This is an exciting development and I look forward to working with more multinational media companies to showcase our original stories and provide opportunities for our Singaporean talent to improve their artistic and show running skills.”

Mom don’t do that! is an adaptation of the novel of the same name in an 11-part series that was filmed in Taiwan in 4K quality. Based on the true story of novelist Chen Ming-min’s mother, who relentlessly surfs the internet in search of love, the story examines whether a middle-aged widowed woman has the right to find a new love.

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