China Passes Wetlands Protection Law – LAW


China passed a new national wetland protection law on Friday. Under the new framework, land reclamation and drainage in wetlands are generally prohibited, as is the permanent blocking of water sources for natural wetlands.

Other prohibited activities include the pollution of wetlands from the discharge of industrial or sewage sewage, as well as from excessive fertilization or the use of pesticides. The law fines per square meter for unauthorized construction in key national wetlands and for construction that does not restore damaged wetlands in a reasonable time.

The Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources and the State Forest and Grassland Administration will conduct and publish regular wetland resource surveys and assessments via a standardized data exchange system and, together with other government agencies, will have the task of formulating national standards for wetland classification and monitoring.

Local governments should participate in promoting the protection of wetlands by encouraging local residents to participate in the management of wetlands and by taking measures to prevent the destruction of wetlands and their biodiversity from human activities such as tourism, agriculture and To prevent shipping. Public awareness of wetland protection activities will be increased through the inclusion of information about them in curricula and the news media.

10 percent of the world’s wetlands are in China, which covers 3.8 percent of the country’s mainland and has the fourth largest wetland area according to WWF. According to the Global Wetland Outlook 2021, published by the Convention on Wetlands (a global intergovernmental treaty for the protection of wetlands), the extent of global wetlands decreased by 35 percent between 1970 and 2015. This is due to land conversions, mainly for agriculture.

The law complements the Chinese government’s previous wetland conservation policy: the 2000 National Action Plan for the Protection of Wetlands and the National Program for the Protection of Wetlands from 2003 (2002–2030).

June the new law comes into force.


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