Centralized training of water and wastewater operators at Yukon University for the benefit of First Nations and operators in the region


WHITEHORSE, YT, July 28, 2022 /CNW/ – Indigenous Services Canada

Water and wastewater operators play a critical role in ensuring drinking water safety by helping prevent and mitigate risks to water and wastewater systems. Access to ongoing training, mentoring and support is key to building First Nations capacity to manage water systems and to recruit and retain qualified water providers.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and Yukon The university today announced a new program delivery model to improve training and support for water and wastewater operators in the region.

This year, Yukon The university has begun offering the ISC’s Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) for First Nations water and sewer system operators, in addition to its existing role in providing the Yukon Water and Wastewater Operator Program (YWWOP), which is open to all operators is open in the region.

The CRTP provides First Nations water and wastewater operators with hands-on training on their own community water systems and training to obtain their certification. The program also provides 24/7 emergency services for First Nations in the region who manage community systems.

Centralize the delivery of the CRTP and YWWOP programs within Yukon The university is expected to improve the delivery of both programs, which will benefit water and wastewater operators and the communities they serve:

– Improving opportunities to promote collaboration, recruitment and retention of water and wastewater operators;

– increasing First Nations participation in both programs;

– Improve support for First Nations leadership and managers who oversee the management of community water and sanitation systems; and

– Improving opportunities for applied research on water and sanitation systems in northern communities.

In 2022-23, ISC invests over $411,000 for water and sanitation initiatives Yukon university, including about $331,000 for delivery of the CRTP. This builds on the about $168,000 scheduled in 2021-22 for Yukon The university is to hire a CRTP coordinator to run the program this fiscal year.

Yukon The university’s increased role in educating First Nations water and sanitation system operators also supports the institution’s commitment to work with First Nations, to help promote reconciliation and to further develop expertise in the North.


“We continue to work with First Nations on long-term solutions to ensure access to clean, safe drinking water. With the acquisition of the Circuit Rider Training Program Yukon The university supports First Nations in building capacity and fostering strong, healthy communities. This federal investment of over $400,000 will support the training of water and sewage operators, which will benefit the larger ones Yukon Region.”

The Honorable Patty Hajdu
Minister of Indigenous Services

“We are excited to deepen our partnerships with Indigenous Services Canada and First Nations governments in the United States Yukon and Northern BC by offering the Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) to First Nations water and sewage system operators. We look forward to the educational opportunities, water and wastewater management and infrastructure support, training and research that may result from this consolidated delivery model.”

DR Lesley Brown
President and Vice Chancellor of Yukon University

Fast Facts

  • Yukon The university received university status in spring 2020 and is canada first university north of the 60th parallel. It is a hybrid institution offering professional programs, continuing education, certificates, diplomas, degrees and applied research.
  • Yukon Offering YWWOP since 2009, the university helps current and prospective water providers earn and improve the skills and certifications needed to work and thrive in the drinking water and water sanitation fields. YWWOP is funded by ISC in partnership with the Government of Yukon.

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