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RIYADH: Misk Schools in Saudi Arabia will begin their next academic year at their new campus in Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, Misk Foundation CEO Badr Al Badr confirmed.

Speaking to Arab News on the sidelines of the 6th edition of the Future Investment Initiative Forum in Riyadh on October 25, Al Badr said: “Very soon we will move to the Misk schools on the Mohammed Salman City campus. We’re about to start the next school year at the Misk City campus.”

The 21-hectare campus with 110,000 square meters of green and highly digitally connected nine school buildings will accommodate over 1,000 students aged three to 18 years.

The campus is the first project to be implemented in Misk City and will set a new standard for non-profit private education in the kingdom.

Kindergarten – including pre-kindergarten – is followed by elementary school, elementary high school, middle school and high school, which are separate, with mirrored facilities for boys and girls.

Each school has academic classrooms, a library, art and design studios, science and food technology labs, Arabic cultural centers, an information technology suite, and music rooms. Each also has a kitchen in support of the school’s Farm to Table initiative.

Speaking of the foundation’s future efforts, Al Badr said: “The Misk Schools project is the most advanced in terms of construction, but we have many others on the way. We expect many of the new facilities to be built in the future, next year and a half, two years.”

He said Misk City will not only house the headquarters of its various operations and subsidiaries, but will also be a “headquarters for ambitious Saudi youth”, adding: “Whether they want to launch their startup, learn a new skill or practice their talents, we will have that available.”

Al Badr told Arab News that Misk is developing a new strategy that will focus on one of its main pillars, young talent, but will specifically focus on the needs of the sector in four areas of skills development: nonprofits, entrepreneurship and start-up as well as leadership room.

“We have set very ambitious goals that we want to achieve in these four different areas,” he said.

The Misk Foundation was established by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2011 to develop youth leadership and focus on education, technology, media and culture to empower society through knowledge according to the best international standards.

“I am very blessed to be part of the Misk Foundation because I get to work on one of my personal passions. I have this passion for leadership development and working with young talent that I have had for many years,” added the CEO.

Al Badr, who was appointed CEO of the Misk Foundation in July 2019, has founded several companies and was CEO of Dur Hospitality Co., where he led its transformation and initiated its expansion strategy.

He was also Managing Director of CISCO Systems in Saudi Arabia for two years before holding the same role for Asia and Africa.


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