BEUROP launches DeFi trading and marketing platform for blockchain startups


Featured image for BEUROP

Featured image for BEUROP

Featured image for BEUROP

LONDON, October 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Following the launch of its deflationary BEPR token Blockchain Euro Project (BEUROP) is preparing to launch its first product: a DeFi crypto trading and marketing platform for developing startups in the blockchain industry.

What is BEUROP?

BEUROP is a European blockchain-based company that focuses on making cryptocurrency startups transparent, efficient and reliable. The company’s new flagship product is a DeFi trading and marketing platform that will help legitimize emerging businesses, tokens, and blockchain projects; while offering token holders potential income and liquidity.

DeFi and marketing platform

The BEUROP platform aims to integrate projects in the DeFi, NFT, CeFi, gaming and business areas into your ecosystem and at the same time offer advantages to regular crypto users. The platform’s tools offer business promotion through marketing banners such as Poocoin or Dextool and functions such as Coinsniper and Coinhunter with the ability to vote / advertise tokens directly. The advertising package includes complete marketing for presale, post sale and exchange listing.

Crypto trading and marketing tools

Everyday crypto users benefit from an intuitive user interface that integrates:

● Night mode

● Free trading options

● Analysis of digital assets

● Validated smart contracts with properties that match honeypots.

The platform also offers improved cryptographic security using its intelligence tool for comprehensive cryptocurrency analysis. The result is a free report on possible risks or threats when working with a token / currency.

BEUROPs DeFi trading and marketing platform aims to offer a complete product with all utilities, accessible, safe and at the best prices on the market. The company will also build a cross-chain bridge to other networks such as Solana, Polygon and Ethereum. Therefore, users have the opportunity to join the BEUROP platform and use all the advantages in one product.

Services and resources

A good marketing strategy for blockchain projects ensures the right positioning in the crypto ecosystem and the influx of long-term investors. BEUROP includes several services and tools that stimulate startups. After the start of the first version, the developers will implement several functionalities for the crypto marketing platform as a startup launcher.


BEUROP will also appear soon BeSmartBeurop, a free educational program for BEPR holders that includes financial literacy, personal development, programming skills, and trading, among others. The company will support people to develop professionally and personally. The best qualifications will join the BEUROP team in creating the first blockchain ecosystem in the European Union.

E-wallet & BEPR distribution

BEUROP will launch its e-wallet parallel to the educational platform. This product will be linked to the other projects within the roadmap to minimize fraud and improve the reflective token buying / selling process. BEPR.

With the BEUROP DeFi crypto trading and marketing platform, project owners have a secure and efficient tool. Meanwhile, BEPR token holders using this product will see stable growth in their finances due to its reflection mechanism where 10% of taxes are distributed (BEPR holders 3%, LP holders 3% and marketing 4%, including 1% for charity).


With legal registration in England and a team with more than five years of experience in blockchain solutions, BEUROP is a company that was founded to provide its investors with stable income through an ecosystem whose products respond to the current needs of the crypto market. Anyone interested in the project can use the BEUROP White paper Here.

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