Bellevue Health-Tech Company Receives Approval for Products That Streamline Data Sharing | news


Edifecs Inc., a Bellevue-based global healthcare information technology company, announced approval of its cloud-based payer-to-payer data exchange and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) member app. The move will allow payers to simplify data sharing with members and other payers and improve the members’ experience, according to a press release.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services interoperability and patient access requires payers to share member data with other payers at the member’s request, resulting in administrative challenges in developing and maintaining a compliant solution and obtaining credentials to share data with multiple Payers who release may lead said.

Edifecs’ new solution, announced today, solves this problem for payers by enabling real-time data exchange in FHIR between payers, and securely authenticating and automating data transfer from members’ old health plans to their new health plans, the company said. It added that the new seamless exchange of member data also allows payers to better analyze the member population.

Edifecs also helps members navigate a disjointed and costly healthcare system where their medical history does not follow them, the press release said. The Edifecs Member App for FHIR gives members a comprehensive view of their healthcare data, allowing them to search for medications and providers to provide the care they need.


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