Baylor University Announces Online Masters in Computers


Waco, Texas, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The Baylor School of Engineering and Computer Science offers a variety of professional online courses. The University strives to provide its students with an exceptional, quality and excellent education through responsible leadership and professional procedures.

The Baylor School of Engineering and Computer Science is pleased to announce theirs Online Masters in Computer Science – Data Science Course available now. With a focus on data science, students are given the opportunity to learn how to use tools and algorithms to efficiently handle and analyze large amounts of data. The program courses combine mathematics, statistics, computer programming disciplines, advanced data mining techniques, machine learning, and data visualization approaches.

The university aims to offer students a foundation course that will help them earn a master’s degree in computer science to pursue senior positions as data scientists. Baylor University’s program is 100% online, with three majors per year. The duration to complete the program can be expected to range from one year and six months to two years and six months, depending on educational background and individual qualifications.

Taught by nationally recognized professors, this data science program’s core courses help students learn about recent developments in big data stores and analytical approaches to dealing with speed, volume, correctness, variability, and value. In addition, students will learn the components of parallel programming based on the MapReduce paradigm within the Hadoop ecosystem and explore advanced topics in cloud settings (AWS, Google, Azure) as well as economics and history, differences and importance of architectural decisions.

The online degree program helps students to understand ideas, methods, applications and advanced topics in machine learning and statistics to data warehousing and data mining. Sign up for the program and explore visualization as a tool for data analysis, memory, inference, decision making, and methods for visually describing and presenting high-dimensional data spaces.

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In the words of Dr. Sharon Moore from Baylor University: “We implemented an interdisciplinary, project-based learning strategy. Our online Master’s in Computer Science – Data Science program is designed to help students improve their interpersonal and academic skills, which will help them advance their careers. Data science is becoming more and more important in today’s society and we want our students to take full advantage of it. With an innovative approach, practical relevance, in-depth understanding of the matter and qualified employees, our university offers all the advantages of a large research institution with personal support for each student.”

Without a doubt, data science has become an integral part of our worldview today. The institution strives to improve the technical skills of every technically interested student by engaging with this ever-growing subject. That Online Masters in Computer Science – Data Science The program also teaches students how to explore virtual private clouds (VPCs), instance types, microservices, storage services, and more advanced architectural principles. This new chapter in the history of Baylor University marks the beginning of a bright future for both the institution and its students. The institution’s Computer Science – Data Science online master’s program focuses solely on helping students achieve their dynamic career goals.

About the University:

The Baylor University School of Engineering and Computer Science offers an unparalleled level of education through classes, scholarships and services that prepare graduates for professional practice and responsible leadership with a Christian worldview. Uniquely located on Corridor 1-35 with direct access to Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, Baylor University offers all the advantages of a large research institution with personal attention to each student. Located in the heart of Texas, US News & World Report ranked the university in the top 5% of top national universities in 2021.


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