Battlegrounds Mobile India launched without fanfare



After much thought and theory about when Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available, developer Krafton has finally officially released the game in India. The game is now available for download on Android devices, but there is no mention of when it will become an iOS device.

The game was released by Krafton with no fanfare and ended a long struggle to predict and understand when the release date will be. Up until that point there were barbaric theories, leaks, and even some assumptions.

There have been several theories about when the game started, some of which were frankly fascinating. People even tried to analyze pictures and posts on Krafton’s social media channels.

The game was pre-registered on May 18, and the developers made the game available more than a month before it was released. This practice of a one-month break between launch and pre-registration is fairly common among large publishers.

However, the time between pre-registering and the game’s release didn’t go smoothly, and Krafton appears to have a lot of security issues. When the game launched in Early Access, it was reported that it was communicating with a server in China. Because of this, PUBG Mobile was banned.

China’s data sharing problem was exposed and Meenakshi Lekhi, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on India’s Data Protection Law and BJP MP, tweeted MEITY to “investigate”. MEITY had previously made it clear that the game could not be banned before this new development began, but with pressure from other politicians it could push the game to its limits.

After that, the game was updated to address the China data sharing issue. Krafton has also issued a statement ensuring that it implements “the strictest data security standards in the industry” on data sharing.

Meanwhile, Krafton has also made significant investments in leading companies in India’s gaming ecosystem. This will likely build a stronger foothold in the market before BGMI is officially launched. And since Krafton officially launched the game, it is expected to cover all of the locations to prevent repetition in the past.



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