At the latest with coronavirus: Singapore switches to containment policy, as the threat from Delta looms


All workers in New York City, including police, fire and education personnel, must be vaccinated or undergo a weekly test by mid-September, the city mayor said.

The deadline for the mandate is September 13, when the fall semester begins, and healthcare will be the first sector to be subject to the requirement next week, Bill de Blasio told a press conference on Monday.

The mayor also urged private agencies to establish similar vaccine mandates for their jobs.

De Blasio said last week public health workers would need to be vaccinated or tested for Covid-19 weekly, but did not announce anything for other city workers.

With that, New York City shied away from efforts in San Francisco, which earlier this month became one of the first major cities in the United States to require vaccinations for its public employees.

New York City’s new mandate applies to employees on missions such as the police, fire departments and schools, as well as employees in offices and in the field.

Those who don’t get vaccinated are required to have a weekly test for Covid-19, and those who are not vaccinated must wear a mask in indoor public spaces. “September is when the rubber hits the street,” said de Blasio.

The mayor said private companies might consider making vaccinations mandatory for their employees. Last week, officials in three San Francisco Bay boroughs urged employers in those areas to release vaccine mandates, even though the request was not binding.

The historic city of Savannah, Georgia, has reintroduced its mask mandate due to the “steep” increase in daily Covid-19 cases and hospital stays across the city and the state of Georgia.

In St. Louis, Missouri, one of the US hotspots for the Delta variant of Covid-19, a re-introduced mask mandate came into effect on Monday.

The Los Angeles District rolled back its mask order earlier this month while a group representing 300 bars in San Francisco implemented a “no vaccine, no entry” policy – unless customers can test negative Covid-19 submitted within the previous 72 hours.

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