Are electric vehicles connected computers on wheels?


A lot of people don’t like electric vehicles because they say they are smartphones on wheels. Many scientists have already proven that electric cars differ significantly from smartphones and other digital devices. Well, if we deny that concept, what about the one that says electric cars are rolling computers? If you don’t believe that, those who are in this space from the start do. For example, Qualcomm CEO Anmon recently said that cars have become connected computers on wheels. In addition, traditional car manufacturers have transformed into technology companies. We suspect that no one can deny his words.

Electric vehicles = computers on wheels

The development of electric vehicles has become identical to the manufacture of digital devices. It’s not about the engine anymore. Instead, it’s about connecting different sensors, electrical parts, etc. together. Additionally, Anmon believes Qualcomm has played a huge role in intelligently connecting people and everything. In fact, they could build a computing platform with low power consumption but high performance. With every new model we see that the number of digital components in the car increases.

In fact, Qualcomm only got into this field a few years ago. In 2019, the company introduced the Snapdragon 8155 vehicle chip. The latter was the world’s first automotive chip with a process of 7nm and below. At the same time, the chip uses a 1+3+4 three-cluster 8-core structure. This processor is used by Ideal, Xiaopeng and Weilai.

However, everything will develop faster. The reason is that traditional tech companies have sensed an additional source of income in this area. They invest billions of dollars in the electric vehicle industry. Even Apple and Xiaomi have decided to enter this field. The first Xiaomi car should appear on the streets as early as 2024. However, there is no concrete information about the Apple car project yet. And we don’t even mention Huawei, which provides a software platform for very successful Chinese automakers.


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